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A Glimpse 'Within': Tarot
By Anja Nielsen

Tarot is an ancient tool used for seeking within your deep inner corners, and for helping others on their path in life.

The Dry Part:

Physically, Tarot is a deck of traditionally 78 cards. (Some decks do differ in the amount of cards, as some artists only use the Major Arcana.)

The Tarot Deck is divided in 2 Arcanas:

The Major Arcana has 22 cards starting at 0 - The Fool, and going up to 21 - The World.

The Minor Arcana is divided in another two sections:

The 16 Court Cards and the 40 Minor Arcana.

The Meaning Part:

Viewing Tarot as a play in the theatre; The Major Arcana cards are the stage, the back stage, the editors, the producers, the stage managers and so on. They are the archetypes. Without them there is no play… with too many of them it could end up in chaos, leaving still no play.

The Majors are the overall rulers of the game.

Here you will see:

The Court Cards are the actors:

There are 16 court cards; divided into 4 suits, with 4 main characters in each suit.

The Pentacle Family:

The Swords Family:

The Cups Family:

The Wands Family:

The Minor Arcana:

The last 40 cards are called the minors. They are the manuscript, the actions taking place, the chapters and the story behind the play.

The Minor Arcana is divided in 4 suits: Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands. Each suit holds the numbers Ace to Ten.

Both the suits and the numbers have their own specific basic meaning.

When reading the numbers Ace through Ten, keep the meanings of the first 10 Majors in mind.

The 4 suits have their own basic keywords as well:

I hope this assists you to better understand the Tarot.

Anja Nielsen (c) 2002

Anja works in a health store, is a caretaker and social-worker, and also works with Tarot, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Reflexology, and her website, Anja's Tarot.
Born on December 22, 1971, Anja and her husband Frank live with their two daughters, Anastasia and Benedikte, in Denmark. Please visit her website @ www.anjastarot.dk

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