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Unique Perspective
of bob harbinson

(Editor's Note: This artist prefers to publish his name in lower case.)

The featured composition was adapted by the author from his ZENOPHILIA series web site ---- an on-going work of Zen and Tao - inspired koan, haiku, poems, philosophy, graphics… (nothing and nowness with pictures.)

photo © bob harbinson 2000

Script and graphics are integral and synergistic. Best viewed at 800X600 res., full screen with hi contrast & low brightness.

bob harbinson was born in England, U.K., and has died many times since. He stole an M.A., PhD from Cambridge University in the 60's-70's, then took up globe-trotting, freelance fashion photography, sculpture, and writing, before donning a daytime suit to run breweries in W. Africa. He left the race in 1989 from exhaustion, and has been based on the side of a Welsh mountain for the last 11 years, "hermitically" sealed in cyberspace, taoism and zen buddhism. Current interests include digital photography, medieval stocks, particle physics, oblivion, eastern philosophies, rainbows, nowness, koi carp, satori, and spontaneous humour. There is more, but it's equally pointless…

© bob harbinson 2001-2003

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