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Animal Essences for People
By Daniel Mapel MA

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a very strong connection to the woods and the wild animals. For a number of years I worked as a wilderness guide in the Rocky Mountains, and during those and subsequent years I have been blessed with powerful interactions with the creatures of the wild. Each experience has brought with it many gifts and teachings.

As I traveled on my personal path of healing and spiritual growth, flower essences became an important part of my transformative process; and during the early 90's I began using them in conjunction with my professional counselling practice; working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. As my knowledge of both the use and making of essences expanded, I was then guided to begin creating essences of these animals who were teaching me so much.

I started by making them for my personal use, and was amazed at their effectiveness in my life. Buffalo was one of the first I developed, and using it I felt grounded with feelings of connection to the sacred Earth. As I tuned into other animals and further developed relationships with them, there was a strong sense I was to serve as a bridge between the animal kingdom and humankind.

I was slowly guided to develop additional animal essences and was humbled by the tremendous gifts of energy and healing they shared, as each animal brought to me the knowledge of its unique and special gifts of support and healing.

I create these essences ceremonially, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I do not capture or harm any animals in the process; which includes prayerful attunement with, and invocation of, the spirit of the animal being called upon. A small natural sample (hair, feather, etc.) is often used as a catalyst, and the whole work is blessed with a sense of harmonious co-creation.

Stories of people's experiences with the essences range from physical shifts in their energy, deeper intuitive connections, emotional balancing, and spiritual expansion; from subtle shifts over time to dramatic improvements in well-being and increased spiritual development. In addition, the essences can at times bring to the surface buried emotional issues and provide support for facing and resolving them.

The unique distinction I have found in working with the animals is this: because they are multi-dimensional beings, each essence can work in a variety of ways, depending on the individual.

Here are two quite different experiences of Buffalo:

One woman had been experiencing high blood pressure for quite some time. The essence supported her in her grounding, thereby alleviating the anxiety which was underlying her problem.

Another began using it during a period of unemployment, and reported the Buffalo essence filled her with a sense of security and being provided for in a larger context. This allowed her to trust the moment and follow her intuitive guidance about the next steps she should take on her path.

There are several ways to choose which essences might be right for you. The first, of course, is to follow your intuition and choose the one(s) you are drawn to because they seem to speak to your current life situation.

Another is to look over the descriptions and notice if there are any animals you have an especially negative attitude towards. If you are repulsed by a certain animal it may indicate this creature holds special healing gifts because it may embody, for you, an aspect of your personal shadow - which may be brought into the light by working with the energies of the animal involved.

In recent years, flower essences and Homeopathic remedies have grown to positions of prominence in the world of holistic healing. These vibrational remedies are characterized by their energetic nature - each essence carries the imprint/vibration of the substance from which it is derived. They work interactively with our own personal vibrational frequency and energy; helping to restore balance, promote vitality and encourage spiritual development.

As I continue interacting with the animals, it is even more apparent how much they have to offer us as powerful teachers of the heart and spirit. I feel honoured to be involved so deeply with this sacred work and I see my role as that of a humble servant of the animals, helping bring their special gifts to the people who can benefit from them.

Caution: These essences contain a small amount of brandy as a preservative; so if you are alcohol-sensitive, put the drops into a cup of boiling water. This will quickly evaporate the alcohol.

Daniel Mapel MA is the founder and developer of Wild Earth Animal Essences. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1982 and received his Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from Holy Names College in 1989. His professional work has included working as a wilderness guide, a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, and as a counsellor working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. He lives with his family in Charlottesville, VA. You can contact Daniel via email or by phone: 800-871-5647.

Visit his website at: www.animalessence.com

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