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Animal Communication: The Fluid Beauty of Connection
By Tera Thomas and Dawn Baumann Brunke

At first contact, I felt I was floating in a beautiful, benevolent place, wrapped in a cocoon of peace. It was my first conversation with fish and one of the most profound talks I'd ever had. They were in my client's small aquarium, and told me some of their species wanted to live in my home to talk with the people who come to my workshops.

I had thought about setting up an aquarium, but it seemed like too much work - fish are delicate, their environment easily upset; their tank would need to be cleaned and I'd have one more thing to take care of. Then I read Dawn Brunke's inspiring book "Animal Voices." She spoke so eloquently about the very reason I became an animal communicator - the connection with All That Is, the life-affirming, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring connection with every living thing. I felt a kinship with Dawn, wrote her an email thanking her for her book, and we began to correspond.

As I re-read favorite parts of Dawn's book, a passage about her fish helped me decide it was finally time to bring fish into my own home. Dawn's fish were quite happy in a small tank and, more importantly, they were not expensive, overly sensitive tropical fish, they were "feeder" goldfish. This was it for me! I went right out to get some.

DAWN: It was wonderful to hear from Tera and read about her experiences. I loved that she felt inspired to share her home with some goldfish she called the Beauties. I wrote back, noting it's funny many humans tend to see goldfish as "throwaways," somehow beneath tropical fish. Tera and I became engaged in an ongoing correspondence as we wrote not just about fish, but discovering other connections.

TERA: The Beauties all died. My water pH was too high and they died yesterday and today, one by one, before I could get it right. I have been very distraught, but they told me to snap out of it, as there is purpose in their life and in their death.

"Remember everything is connected. Work with your tank; use your intentions to send balancing to all the world's waterways. Cheer up, everything is possible."

They reminded me how delicate and sensitive the creatures of the water are, and how easily out of balance their environment can become. They said they wanted me to bring new fish into my home, to keep their tank energetically balanced and imbue it with love, clearing, healing, and restoring energy every day. I am to view it as a microcosm of the whole and the energy in this little aquarium will work with the energies of all the other water systems from streams to ponds to lakes to oceans, assisting in restoring the balance.

DAWN: Tera, what a powerful message and experience! What the goldfish are telling you makes perfect feeling-sense to me. By holding the aquarium water space of clarity and health, we individually affect the water space of all, thus contributing in a deep and compelling way.

TERA: The Beauties told me,

"This message is sent by the many water beings all over the planet. We are very sensitive creatures - whether we are whales, dolphins, sharks, eels, tropical fish, corals, kelps, seals, or water birds. The water seems so abundant, so willing to take whatever you toss into it so you have taken it for granted and it is now seriously out of balance. The pollution comes from all directions: the garbage thrown, the chemicals dumped, the oil leaked, the weapons hidden, and the collective negative thought forms of the inhabitants on the planet. You humans must wake up now, before it is too late."

DAWN: When I shared Tera's message with my goldfish, I felt an immediate resonance. My fish echoed what the Beauties had said, showing me the unnatural "muck" of the water, and relating this to noise also - to the low frequency sonar waves, which overwhelm so many marine animals; to the air, so filled with the "noise waves" of radio, television, microwave, satellite, etc. - and they remind me just because humans don't hear these noises, other animals can, and are affected.

"By seeing your own waterscape (aquarium, fountain, indoor or outdoor pond) more constantly and continually as a connected part of the water of all the earth, as well as all the creatures therein, you inwardly sense the connection of every one of you with All-That-Is. You may think since the water is not physically touching the ocean or a pond it does nothing, but rethink this. Notice how your words or actions can affect others at a distance - how, for example, your book touched a reader, she was moved to ask fish to live with her, how they lived their lives to hold a lesson for her, and how other fish will come to teach lessons to students whom you will never know."

"Our message is simple and clear. We are all connected. By raising the vibration of the water space in your living room, you raise the vibration of the oceans. And by your love and holding of that space, you touch and inspire love in others. This is the simple metaphor or 'magic' of the idea."

TERA: The messages these beautiful little fish brought into my life have moved me beyond belief. In reading Dawn's book I felt a connection to her, in writing to her the connection deepened, and the messages she received from her fish led me to bring the Beauties into my life. The sharing of this journey with Dawn led me to a new connection with the fish in her home, and the Beauties led me to a deeper connection with all the waterways on this planet. We are all connected. How many ways can we say that? How many ways can we see and feel it each and every day of our lives?

Tera Thomas is the author of "Opening My Wings to Fly - What Animals Have Taught Me" (Hummingbird Farm Press, 2001). See www.hummingbirdfarm.org for more.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of "Animal Voices - Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life" (Bear & Company, 2002). See www.animalvoices.net for more.

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