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Magik'ly Speaking…
with Elizabeth Abernathy

When told the theme of this issue would be "Within" I thought to myself, no problem. After all, it's a pretty common word used not only in everyday conversation, but also as a staple of the written neo-spiritual movement. Since I'm not in this to spew pablum, I figured I had only one place to go… 'within'.

I'm a mom, a wife, an everyday-type witch, and I'm in management in a large retail fabric and craft store. I spend a lot of time 'within', examining my motives, conversations, and viewpoints; all in an effort to ensure I've been as fair and as clear as I can knowingly be in all situations. I've also begun to consciously scrutinize my motives in an effort to keep my Karma as clear as possible.

Unfortunately, everyday life rarely gives us the opportunity to examine our current choices immediately, and we have to rely on hindsight to guide our future decisions. This is where Power lives. In directing our Intent inward to our core, we have the perfect opportunity to connect with Deity, and in doing so, receive guidance for our future choices.

It all sounds simple as pie of course, until you have to really look at something you blew. Like the time I totally humiliated a friend (and myself) during his introduction, all in an effort to break the ice with some humour… I cringe at the memory! What makes it slightly less painful is the fact I was able to apologize immediately for being a complete doofus, and take a bit of the sting out of the whole situation. Luckily, several years of forcing myself to truly see the ripples my actions cause, have made those awful moments fewer and fewer.

So here we are, 'within'… Gee… it's kind of dark and scary in here. Over there in the corner lurks the time I yelled at one of the kids, just before I realized I was being interrupted to kiss a skinned knee. It smacks me whenever I remember it, and reminds me to take a deep breath and re-focus my attention before I respond.

Scratching at the window is the time I realized I was ridiculously overextended, after offering to make a co-worker some herbal capsules. I was so busy, I added her to my prayer list, but never got around to buying the supplies for her remedy. This particular example makes me stop and think before I offer my services without checking my prior commitments, thereby coming off like a flake, no matter how good my original intentions.

I think I realized a few years ago any memory of our own actions which makes us cringe (or try desperately to ignore), is something we need to pay extra attention to. These are the moments where Deity is attempting to get our attention. "Hey, Goob! Don't do that any more… Look how bad you feel!" Or even worse: the moment of absolute clarity when you see the look on another person's face which reveals you hurt them in some totally unintentional way. These are the moments when the connection from 'within' opens up to offer a different way out of a similar situation in the future. It gives also an opportunity to atone for any misdeeds if necessary.

O.K.…so now we're in here, what do we do with all those nasty, humiliating monsters? Those beasties lurking in our memories for the express purpose of making us wish we had the ability to stop, rewind, re-act, and re-direct our lives? Why, we slay them of course! What weapons do we use? Our Intent! Given to us by the ultimately wise Divine Source, which put us all here to begin with. This is our most powerful weapon, coupled with the Faith of knowing we are here for a purpose.

Here's where the Power of going 'within' really comes into focus: We have the ability to step outside our Ego, and watch and listen unflinchingly to our errors, with the Intent to create more harmonious exchanges in the future. I've made a conscious decision to attempt to better the day of anyone I come into contact with.

Now realistically, considering my day-to-day job, this is not necessarily always possible. Some people are just more comfortable when they're angry… I believe it gives them an aura of control they don't normally feel in their lives. Every once in a while however, I get lucky, and everyone I come into contact with leaves at least as happy as when they arrived (and sometimes happier!). These are the days I never forget to say a heart-felt 'Thanks!' Thank you to our Creator(s)… mostly for being allowed those situations, which challenge me intellectually, creatively, emotionally, and even physically.

It's when we get to go 'within' we receive confirmation of a job well done, or a caution to pay more attention to our choices. Power is our reward. Paying attention to our inner voice and guidance is one of the undeniable ways of strengthening our intuitive abilities. Power lives in those times when we're in greatest connection to the Source; when all is well, everything is going smoothly, and our decisions are smack on.

The special feeling of connectedness to the All-That-Is, and the knowledge our actions are being guided, and therefore blessed, is the reason I put myself through the pain of reliving those awkward moments in life. The more I pay attention to, and therefore learn from, my past; the more I get to feel the powerful connection which signifies I'm in sync. Such is the Power living 'within'.

Elizabeth Abernathy (aka Boo) currently lives in Oregon with her 2 husbands, 7 kids, and many critters. She's been a Hedgewitch for 28 years, and works with clients internationally providing Healing Work, Magickal Spellwork, Tarot, Runes and Numerology Readings. Please check out her website or contact her via email today.

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