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Meditate A Moment
with Bill Angell

For this meditation we begin by focusing our concentration on the moon. (Due to personality traits my moon is almost always near to or at the full.) Continue to gaze or concentrate to the lunar orb until you can feel the soft light reflecting from your skin painting your shadow behind you.

After establishing complete contact with the moon, widen your field of vision to include the expanse of water slowly rising and falling beneath the celestial orb bathed in the pale luminance. Moving slowly to assure maximum connection, expand the seascape to a moonlit beach softly caressed by swells and breakers rolling toward the beach. It is low tide and the sand is soft and moist, fragrant and clean, freshly washed by the ebbing tide.

A stone jetty juts into the approaching sea, much like a probing finger testing the water. As you move along the granite boulders worn smooth by the erosive caress of the sea listen closely and hear the water rising and slapping inside the fissures chiselled between the rocks. Feel your bare feet melding with the solidity and the strength of stone making you feel safe, secure and invulnerable as Earth Herself.

Exhilaration builds with each step forward until you are at the very end of the jetty, gazing into the expanse of ocean spread before you. The phosphorescent glow in the whitecaps weaves a magical allure as the waves rush ashore like unicorns returning from the sea. You sit on the throne of creation washed in the energy of life.

Your eyes drink in the various shades of light and shadow, the shimmering moonlight dancing on the rolling swells; stars twinkling in the liquid darkness of the horizon and the phosphoric glow of racing whitecaps. Light flows 'within' and fills you.

Hear the sounds of the ocean caressing the soft shores of earth. The melody of the night breeze mingled with the call of nocturnal birds seeking feast called forth by the reflected glow of sun's eternal fire calms and reassures you.

Feel the cool caress, the kiss of the breeze upon your skin and the refreshing sting of salt spray dancing in the soft night wind. Feel life flow vibrantly about you as well as 'within' your very essence. Feel the ebb of stress and tension, the flow of contentment and harmony as you become one with the universe.

Savour the combination of smell and taste as salt water mingles with crisp fresh air. Slake your thirst for knowledge and sate your hunger for self-assurance and be in perfect harmony within and without.

Photograph taken by Dhaval Thakkar (c) 2003

Angel is a Faery Witch, poet, priest and shaman dedicated to protecting all creations of the Goddess. Retired and widowed, Angel devotes his time to writing, helping any in need and enjoying his grandson. Some of his varied writing styles can be perused on his two primary websites: www.billangell.com/ and www.geocities.com/Paris/Arc/3860/ .

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