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'Within' a Moment in Time
By David Reber

Last weekend I traveled with my girlfriend to her hometown and celebrated a Pagan High Holiday. I found the whole experience very humbling. Perhaps it was my upbringing, but it was amazing to interact with and be accepted by such a giving group. Episodes of total happiness and openness 'within' the greater whole of the experience made the time absolutely incredible.

I realize it sounds like a cliché, the sum of the parts being greater than the whole and all, but this is no joke. Being raised in a very rural, German, setting, I can honestly say I was not ready for such an expressive gathering. A week later I am still in awe as my mind flashes through the individual instances.

The first moment to take me aback was when we arrived. Our hostess, my date's soul sister, opened her arms and her home to us in a totally unreserved way. She was the consummate hostess in every respect. The greeting was not the moment which caught me so much as the casual ease with which she made me feel not only welcome, but as though I was raised there along with her two daughters. I can think of no better person to be my hostess, yea, my representative to the Gods that evening. However, she is so humble she gives her guests all the credit.

And her two beautiful daughters were wonders themselves, following their mother's example in every way. They whirled into the home and through the crowd like happy sprites, giving out compliments and hugs. After trading sarcasm in the garage with the younger daughter, and trading a bottle with the older one in the front yard, it was impossible not be caught up in the joy of the event. Even my stoic soul was smitten by them.

The circle itself was the next beautiful moment 'within' the evening. I cannot help it; I have to get maudlin now. I admit I was transfixed by the sight of my partner as she stood by the altar next to our esteemed hostess, and literally sparkled. The firelight played along the edges of her luminescent, white ceremonial garb creating an unreal ethereal effect. It took her finding me in the crowd after the circle came down, and hugging me, to make the moment solid in my unbelieving eyes.

The way our representative to the Gods put it, all were invited to participate in the circle. All were invited to give thanks and ask specific requests of the higher powers. While that was indeed a powerful time, right down to the steady rain, which was ours alone; for my money the gathering afterward was the true test of the evening. It held the most individual moments, which stood out for me.

People I did not know came and went in a blur. I remember incredible, moving conversations. I remember catching up with old friends, as well as making new ones. The part I remember most though, was the giving. People I did not know, and some I did, just kept flowing around me, all of them dropping off stuff they thought I needed. I was passed a bottle, food, hugs, advice, sarcasm, and pats on the back; and every bit of it was without even asking something so innocuous as my name.

These people gave, and that was it; nothing more. They wanted, needed, nothing from me. The joy of their moment was in my joy at receiving. Looking back now I wish I had more to bring to the gathering, than merely being thrilled at what was offered.

Still, even after writing this article, the memories of the celebration come back to me in episodes, snatches. There are happy, single moments, and yet they all come together nicely in my soul to resonate in one grand feeling of warmth. Already in this work week I've experienced the dull day-to-day annoyance which comes with grey, cold days and routine; but somehow it all passes a little easier now, because I have the moments of my last weekend to remember and hold 'within'.

Hello, my name is David Reber and I currently reside in Northern Indiana. Aside from my day job of working with children, I enjoy the seclusion of my little white home in the woods. There I am afforded the quiet comfort to pursue a bit of archery and fishing along with the occasional hack attempt at writing.

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