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The Envelope, Please…
Featuring Bill Angell

Bill Angell is a talented poet I first met just over a year ago. His poetry touched my soul in a way very few poets ever have. Getting to know him was a true gift. He's more than just a kind soul… he's the type of person who touches our life and changes it for the better, simply because he is in it. I wanted to take this opportunity to help you all get to know "the man behind the words."

What first inspired you to share yourself through poetry?

I suppose I evolved into writing slowly. My earlier memories are of a time when I was noted for my ability to select cards and verses which were exceptionally representative of the person and the occasion. From there it seemed a natural step to purchasing blank cards and creating my own messages.

My first friend and mentor in the open Pagan community was a published Craft author and poet who had two Llewellyn Craft-related books in publication at the time and was conducting a writing workshop on Sunday afternoons. Working with her seemed to open me to my connection with the muse.

How, and why, did you find the spiritual path you have chosen to follow?

I guess I have always been very sensitive and responsive to my environment. As a child I could relate the elements of the woods and meadows more easily than I could to society. The pure love I was taught in Sunday school would never fit into the politics of religion I was taught during my teen-aged and adult years; and during my mid-thirties I discovered I could no longer accept religious structure.

After several years of self-examination and experimentation I discovered the local community gathered beneath the loose umbrella of spirituality in the name of Wicca. In this enriched environment I continue to seek my personal correlation with the Universe.

Who has influenced your writing, and in what ways?

The two people who have most influenced my writing are my late wife and Faery soul mate, Sherry Lynn Doiron (AKA Dragon Dancer and Sharviegh) pictured with me above, and my grandson, Camden.

Dragon Dancer was more Faery than human and our brief earthy union was one of my greatest lessons of this incarnation, and has influenced my poetry more than any other aspect of my life. Most of my poetry is written to or about her, and much of my Goddess poetry is based on a quality I often observed within her.

Due to the timing of Sherry's death, occurring while I was actually processing my retirement papers, I became full-time nanny to my grandson and spent most of my waking hours with him. This aspect was both a continuation and an application of Sherry's lessons, and allowed me to view the world through Camden's eyes during his growth from age eleven months to five years old. There are only a few entries in the Grandfather Series but I believe they are some of my best narrative poetry.

How has your spiritual path influenced your writing, and conversely, how has your writing influenced your spiritual path?

I have separated spirituality from religion and therefore my spirituality is what I am every second of every day. My writing is one of the methods by which I can view my thoughts in static form, a sort of meditation; and as such cannot be separated from my spiritual path.

As a spiritual writer, what do you feel are the most important aspects to expound upon in your literature?

Truth and respect. First I must remain true to my spiritual connections but I must also respect truth is relative to individual aspects. The Wiccan Rede for example. I believe "do thy will" means to follow my conscience and strive to serve to the best of my ability, but I cannot condemn those who take it to mean "do as ye desire."

Also, I tend to believe we must be very political and speak against repression and discrimination wherever we witness it. To accept is to reinforce.

How do you select your prospective audience?

This one is very simple. Unless it is a special request piece or a card or tribute piece, my selected audience is myself.

I write for myself and if others wish to share, then so mote it be. Perhaps this is why I am so sparsely published, for I do not take editing well at all, and do not allow changes which alter the thought of my writing. But on the other hand, I do allow people to print and post my writing freely and even permit people to change portions if they change the title and remove my name or state it is an altered version of my work.

This can cause problems for me as it is possible people find one of my original works after reading someone's altered version and believe my original is the copy. But my writing is a gift I share freely and plagiarism has never been a concern.

Angel is a Faery Witch, poet, priest and shaman dedicated to protecting all creations of the Goddess. Retired and widowed, Angel devotes his time to writing, helping any in need and enjoying his grandson. Some of his varied writing styles can be perused on his two primary websites: www.billangell.com/ and www.geocities.com/Paris/Arc/3860/

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