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Soul Cards I & II
By Deborah Koff-Chapin
ISBN#: 0-9645623-0-8 & 0-9645623-5-9

If you have ever had the pleasure of gazing into Deborah's artwork - getting lost within the depths of her images - then you already own a deck (or perhaps even both) of Soul Cards I & II. If you haven't… then please allow me to be the one to introduce you to them!

Deborah creates her work using her fingertips as her brush. This extension of herself flows onto her page and actually transforms a part of her soul - or perhaps our collective soul - into colour and form.

As you spend time in a quiet place falling into the simple complexity of these images you find yourself effortlessly tapping into the intuitive part of yourself.

I've had the pleasure of owning both of these decks for years now and a question I have been asked is: "Are the two decks really that different? Do you need both?" My answer is: These decks are unique just as every tarot deck card is unique. I have combined my two decks together to allow a larger picture to form. Rather than being restricted by a mere 60 cards (or 78 in a regular divination deck) - using these decks together gives 120 possibilities with every 'throw' of the cards. I find I can throw three or four layouts on top of each other and still have over 70 cards left. This allows for a flow in the reading rather than having it become disrupted by ending the layout and shuffling again to pull more cards. It also allows the conversation which is being created through the images to be endless.

When I use Soul Cards I & II in a reading I get a very deep and personal introspection. When a querent is feeling lost or is unable to discover the source of their discontent or pain… this is the deck I reach for!

So if you are on a journey to heal yourself, getting to know yourself better, or bringing clarity to your shadows… these decks really are a must have!

joyfully reviewed by:
Aleesha Stephenson

If you wish to purchase this (or another) deck, please visit the Tarot Garden. They have many decks from which to choose.

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