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Boji Stones
By Karen & Gerry Gillespie

I've been working with Boji Stones for the last month and I have to tell you… everyone should have a set of these!

These stones bring greater health and balance to the polarity within your body.

6 years ago I damaged the tendon in my foot. The doctor told me I'd be on crutches for 12-18 weeks. About 3 weeks into my healing I met a woman who had a set of Boji Stones. She had me hold the stones, keeping one in each pocket if I had to 'move' around during my treatment. Before her visit I couldn't even put weight on my foot but by the end of our visit, I could walk. I still had some discomfort, which took another 3 months to go away completely, but I could walk!

Boji Stones come in a set. One is male and the other is female. You hold them, facing each other and feel a slight magnetic force between them. You may have to turn the stones around again and again until you feel it; but when you find the sides which have this 'force', you place the magnetic side down on your body.

I placed each stone wherever my intuition told me. Sometimes I had one on my 7th chakra and another on my 3rd chakra. Other times I would put one inside each of my socks (to hold the stones in place) so they sat on the inside of my ankles; the male on one ankle and the female on the other. Other times, I held them in my hands.

I found a session of an hour was best to really let the energy run its course. At first you may not feel anything but as you relax, watching TV, meditating or just laying around while reading a book… you begin to feel the energy slowly moving, bringing you into alignment and 'moving' energy throughout your body. The energy continues to run for about an hour after you put down the stones.

I've made my time with these Boji Stones a daily treat for myself. Since you don't need to focus on the stones for them to work, you can do almost anything. Work, play or relax… as long as you can get the stones to stay in place… you can do whatever you want while they are working, but I definitely prefer to just sit and relax… allowing the energy to move and heal and balance while I focus on my treatment rather than on more mundane events.

I store my stones on top of my Apopholyte crystal formation. It's about 18" long and 14" wide… so it's a nice spot to keep them when I'm not using them. They love morning and afternoon sunlight and they gets lots of it from this vantage point.

If you haven't used a set of these yet, I strongly urge you to give them a try. I don't know if the size of the stones really makes a difference. Kellie sent me a set (three quarters of an inch in diameter, classification = very small) to review, and they worked great! In this case, bigger isn't necessarily better!

Reviewed by:

Aleesha Stephenson

You can purchase your own set of Boji Stones here.

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