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The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy
By Chrissie Wildwood
ISBN#: 780892-816385

This is my new "Aromatherapy Bible". Chrissie has written a comprehensive book, which can be used by newcomer or seasoned Aromatherapist alike.

She covers every aspect within 31 chapters and 300 pages! She explains how to keep your scalp healthy using homemade tonics, skin care treatments, lowering blood pressure etc. She teaches (through the use of diagrams) relaxing and sensual massage techniques, as well as assisting you in discovering aromatic blends to use with both. She even covers baby massage!

I could spend 300 pages explaining everything in her book but I think you'd be better off hearing it from her directly.

So run (don't walk) and get this book! Or, of course, you can order it from our Amazon.com links online.

Reviewed by:

Aleesha Stephenson

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