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Walk Your Talk
with Aleesha Stephenson

I was out on a date with my hubby the other night and I asked him what he likes best about each of our kids, what he likes the most about our relationship, and what he likes the least. The answers he gave surprised me because I had no idea he even noticed some of the qualities he mentioned and the depth of his responses truly amazed me.

After our date-night was over, lying in bed I replayed the evening in my mind. As I did, I began to think about other people in my life - close friends and people who sit on the outer edges of my circle. I wondered what unknown treasures lie 'within' each of them. What unseen qualities do they also possess which I've never noticed before?

After all, I thought I knew my hubby inside and out, the good and the bad, and yet in the last few weeks he's been surprising me a lot. The 'box' I had placed him in has been breaking apart. He isn't the man I thought he was; he is much, much more!

Then I began to think about myself and wondered how many people really know me? If I don't really know them, then there's a good chance they don't know me all that well either. After all, even my Mother has been surprising me with insights into her soul lately - and I was SURE I knew her!

So, I have made a commitment to myself. I am going to remove the 'boxes' I have placed around everyone in my life, and I'm going to delve deeper 'within' each one of them. I'm going to ask questions; about how they see themselves, what do they feel their weaknesses are, what they see as their greatest strengths. What is their dream for their future? What's the first thing they think of when they wake up? What do they think about their body image? How do they see the evolution of their soul?

I want to really get to know the people I cherish in my life. I thought I knew them, I thought I was asking deep questions, but in the last few weeks I've discovered I wasn't… because if I was, I would have already known about the depth of my hubby's soul.

Perhaps part of this situation is also complacency. We delve into the depths of another person when we first meet them and then, forgetting they are growing and changing every day, we place them inside a box and forget to change our perceptions of them. How many people do you hear say, "He doesn't really understand me" or "She doesn't know the real me at all"… and the kicker here is they are talking about a close family member!

I don't think we ever really get to know everything about anyone, but I'm going 'within'. I'm going to ask the people in my life if they are willing to be more open; and in exchange, I'm even going to let them 'within' me!

I'm not going to do this like an explosion, all in one day. Rather I plan on taking the opportunity whenever I can to expand my understanding of those around me by simply asking questions. I seldom have people ask me deep questions… so how can I expect others to really know me? It's not like they can read my mind!

Going 'within' can be an enlightening experience. You may find hidden surprises and even buried pain. But the multi-faceted gem of who you really are, which lies 'within' each one of us, is certainly worth seeing. It's worth getting to know. It's worth shining light on.

Who sits beside you at work every day? What is 'within' them? What is your Mom's dream? Did you know your Dad has always wanted a horse? Your sister wants to become a healer? Your hubby wants to learn woodworking?

Did you even know your hubby notices when you are sad, although he doesn't say anything? You think he isn't noticing you, when he really is. It's a mind-altering experience when you begin to ask questions and delve into the depths of the people around you.

I'm really looking forward to adding many new dimensions to my relationships.

in light,
Aleesha Stephenson

Aleesha is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine. Head of the Publicity and Development Department of Elder Grove Press, and Executive Director and Publicist for "Magi's Magick Spells". An Eclectic Wiccan Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Faery Shaman, she home-schools her three spiritually enlightened children and is a life-partner to David. Her life is filled with much light.

You can contact Aleesha via email.

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