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Is It Inner Peace, or Mental Numbness?
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

Too many of us go through this journey called life, psychically and emotionally numbed - for whatever reason. Deadened, lifeless. Nada. El zippo. Zilch. Nothingness. A void. Emptiness. Nil, Zero. Numbness. A blank abyss. No thoughts rising or falling. An emotional, physical, and intellectual numbing. Feelings frozen in time and space.

That's what it feels like when the body, mind, and spirit are stunned into non-existence. Shock. Emotional overload. You know, it's like there's nothing up there. You walk through life in a daze, a fog. Many things can be causal agents for this phenomena some people often mistake as peace. For, to step outside of that numbed consciousness often seems much too overwhelming, too agonizing.

So, how did we get to that Nada-world? Better yet, how do we move on, casting it aside, choosing instead a calm serenity? First, let's look at some possible instigators. Is it the result of your drug of choice, be that cigarettes, booze, or hard drugs? Is it from the painkillers or other medications? Is it a gut-level feeling of hollow emptiness, source unknown? Surely, this mental numbness can come from hearing horrendous news, such as the 9/11 terrorist attack. Or perhaps, it's from overwork. Burnout. Have you reached this state through dealing with a chronic illness, leaving you with a sense of hopelessness, helplessness? Any number of life situations can foist this challenge upon you.

From the ashes of the Phoenix, though, you find sustenance, profound hope, and a drive to survive. To move on. You realize that within you is an incomprehensible strength, of some sort. That concept is very individualized. Some folks feel it, emotionally, as a forceful determination to handle whatever comes along. Religious people often identify it as a persona called God while others, who feel more spiritual, see it as Universal Intelligence. Some people sense it physically as a silent steel core within. Or, as the stillness of the ocean bottom, allowing all turmoil to surface, in a sense, to be shielded from the gale-force winds of chaos. Still others find their peace through an inspirational song, the sounds of silence, or being embraced in the safe-harboured arms of a loved one. However this strength is perceived, it is a drawing within for love, comfort, and wisdom. For peace.

Tranquility offers you an unwavering sense of confidence and competence; releasing the ongoing struggle you might have seen yourself actively engaged in. Peace brings surrender to a Wisdom far beyond your own, through meditation, prayer, visualization. Through exploration and expression of your feelings in a loving, constructive manner - reading, writing, dancing, or singing - you spiritually grow. Peace is acceptance of Divine Order, of what IS, yet consciously working toward improvement of self and the world around you. The key to finding peace of mind is acknowledging the miraculous inner healing energies hibernating within, merely waiting for your call to wake up, to walk Serenity's path.

Having Multiple Sclerosis for years, plus the untimely death of her youngest son a few years ago, forced Cheryl to re-invent her thought processes. As a metaphysical minister, Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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