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A Spiritually Enlightening Online Magazine. January Theme: "Peace"
Volume 2 Issue 2 ISSN# 1708-3265

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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

Please join me in this issue of Peace… as our writers assist us all to understand the many meanings and avenues to peace. Sometimes, something as simple as an animal companion brings peace to us during our most hectic of times. Monica shares this beautifully in her article.

This issue is dedicated to my best friend's best friend. Mel was an important part of Doug's life. Brought together when they were both young, they have been side by side, supporting each other through life, love and illnesses. The love of a companion is 'regardless'. Regardless of what you do, I will love you… regardless of everything… I love you.

It's the 'regardless' love which matters most. It's the unconditional support we need when our life lessons are toughest.

Mel was this, and more to Doug. You are missed Mel, but never forgotten by any of us who were blessed to have known you. Ah, to look into those beautiful deep eyes just once more…

While putting this issue together, a young man, Sebastian MacPhee died… please join me in honoring him in our profile, "The Envelope Please…"


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