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Reflexology - The Peaceful Warrior
by Yvette Eastman

One of the most wonderful attributes of Reflexology is its ability to make profound changes without any destructive qualities. There are not many therapies able to promise this. When accomplished correctly, Reflexology is done with a gentle yet firm pressure, just enough so it doesn't tickle, yet softly enough so a person can fall asleep in your chair right in the middle of a sentence!

A client may often feel sensitivity when you are working on the low back reflexes because so many people have back, hip and sciatic involvement. This may have been caused by inappropriate shoes; or perhaps by too little exercise, faulty lifting, weight gain, poor posture, or by injury. Other sensitive reflex areas are the thymus and adrenal points. These respond to the stress in our lives, to respiratory problems, allergy-causing products or faulty immune systems as well as muscular and joint pains, or infections.

When I encounter a sensitive reflex, I leave it immediately; I go on to other reflexes. I remember the sensitive ones and come back to them, fleetingly, several times, never remaining on them, just 'touch and go'. By the time I finish the session, not only is the reflex pain-free, but most often the area in question is improved.

My aim is to cause a deep relaxation throughout the body so the person can improve the flow of blood to areas usually contracted. When all parts of the body receive the nutrients they require, they no longer make demands on the body. Pain is an important messenger. It notifies you that change is required. It speaks its own body language and rather than interpret it, we often take pain-relievers.

The Tylenol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen concept works in that the pain recedes; yet it does not mean we have a shortage of acetaminophen, salicylic acid or NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) in our system. Now we go about our business oblivious to the fact the problem is still there, right under the surface.

Within a Reflexology session, I will often ask a person to talk to the "part of themself which is causing the pain". (No, I don't ask them to talk to the actual pain.) I ask them to be very polite and to thank that Part of them for answering, and I ask them to request information from the Part, such as: "What is the benefit you are trying to give me by causing this pain (or problem)?"

"What are you trying to do for me?" "How can I help you get what you want?" "What is your job description?" "Are you overworked?" "Do you need helpers?" "Is there any part in the body that is willing to come and help you?"

I get the person to negotiate with the part as to what each needs to do and I make sure to ask the part when it will release the pain. You would be amazed at the answers which come up.

One elderly lady with a vertigo problem had a Part that said it wanted her to dance every day. It didn't have to be on a dance floor - it could be while waxing the floor or with a broom or while washing dishes. It had to be daily. The dizziness stopped completely until she took a hiatus while on vacation. The dizziness returned. She went back to dancing!

This is not Reflexology, you say. Perhaps not; but tell me, where does healing start? With a touch? An interested ear? A few words? Caring? Energy and intention? I have no answer, yet I know that giving people touch therapy without caring, listening and open communication does not heal. It just gives temporary relief, like a band-aid.*

When I do "Parts Party" work or use listening skills, I always use some Reflexology technique, which enhances it, while I am helping the person communicate with their Parts.

One method is to hold the Solar Plexus of each foot as we speak.

Another is to hold the 7th Cervical and Coccyx reflexes of one foot then the other.

A favourite is to use the Brazilian Toe Hold.

With thumb and middle finger of each hand hold the middle toe of each foot. After a while move to holding the fourth toe with your thumb and ring finger.

Then move on to pinky toe held with pinky finger and thumb.

Now go to the second toe and hold it with your thumb and index finger.

Finally, go to the big toe, which you hold with your thumb and both your index and middle finger. Come slowly off the right big toe first still holding the left big toe. Release it v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, so your client does not even know when you let go; and still feels you there. The left big toe releases a lot of internal "stuff".

This simple technique is powerful on many levels. Teach someone to do this to you. Then, when you do it to your client you will understand how Reflexology wins the title of "The Peaceful Warrior".

I have been a Reflexologist for over 30 years and it is just as new and exciting now as it was then - actually more so, since people are more aware of their bodies and more willing to work toward health. I have attained worldwide recognition through my books and video; and have developed the only full-time Reflexology Diploma program in Canada while continuing to teach short, intensive classes.

I have developed Pawspoint Animal Reflexology and Integral Reflexology, which deal with meridians on the feet while working with emotional health in Reflexology. I have developed unusual learning aids for Reflexology to simplify it so anyone can use it. Although my teaching across Canada, and the U.S. has given me a reputation as an exceptional practitioner, author and teacher of Reflexology, with my web site I can reach people across the entire globe.

I love to hear from people, so you can reach me via email or visit my website today.

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