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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

I have chosen to re-review and/or republish some reviews from previous issues. If I could assist every person on this planet to purchase each one of these items (okay guys don't have to purchase a keeper for yourselves!), then I truly believe with all my heart and soul this world would become a better place. More peaceful, more connected and more real. So many people wander around… lost because they are not connected to our Earth. So please, join me, by reading these reviews and purchasing these items, as you will see why these reviews deserve a second "illumination" - they are truly enlightening. Dawn Baumann Brunke's book on Animal Communication is one of my all-time-favorite books, if not my #1 favorite as I can't think of a single other book I've ever read which has touched me so deeply and so profoundly in my entire life! I still communicate with the birds, as they come to my living room window, giving me even more definitions of freedom, further reminding me of the interconnectedness of life and all of Her creatures. I encourage you to check out the re-reviews for this issue, even though they have been 'done before' it doesn't make them any less important today!

Have you ever looked at our "Donations" page? We have three wonderful organizations who all do great work. Modest Needs accepts donations to help regular people. (One of them may be your neighbour!) People who, because of circumstance, are in financial need. Sometimes it's a request as small as $12 - but for the person making it, that $12 request may as well be $12,000. In 2006, for the entire year a wonderful anonymous donor is matching every single donation made to Modest Needs! So your $5 donation turns into $10! They are hoping to assist more people in 2006 than in 2004 and 05 combined… so please donate today!

Then there's Heifer International. There you can purchase a colony of bees, a pig or even a duck for a less fortunate family in another country… these donations are 'life giving' and often 'life saving' for the recipients of your gift! And lastly we have David Suzuki's Foundation. As they do not accept government grants, they depend on the support of the people of this beautiful planet to come together to save Her, donating to this organization is a way to assist nature at Her time of need!

All three of these organizations are hand picked by me and my staff as places we feel a very strong connection to. None of them have contacted us for assistance… rather, I would like you, our readers, to donate to them rather than gifting money to Timeless Spirit as an exchange for the work we do here. We all have a roof over our heads, food in our pantry and love in our lives… we are filled. Unfortunately, there are many others out there (critters included) who are not as fortunate as us, so please make a donation, assist someone or something in need and allow your generosity and gift to move out into the world on the wings of a dove… bringing peace, comfort and some joy to the heart of the recipient.

We have some new writers and some old ones who have returned to share their vision of "Our Relationship with Earth". I hope you take the time to go, from page to page and see the symbiotic flow of one to another… seeing that the writers are not only writing about their own experiences but of ours as well! Feel your own interconnectedness as you follow their thoughts and experiences… what an amazing journey we are all on - have you found your true place within yours yet? I encourage you to allow yourself to open up to this issue, so grab a cup of something yummy and curl up - because we've get a GREAT read for this issue!


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