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How Animals Enhance Our Relationship with Earth
by Jean Hofve, DVM

In today's "civilized" world, many humans are separated from the Earth by buildings, concrete, asphalt, glass, and other artificial structures. People who live in cities often have a very hard time finding even a small piece of nature to connect with.

Animals can help us maintain our contact with our primitive Earth roots. No matter what their surroundings may be, animals remain in close contact with the Earth's cycles of days and seasons. They are also highly sensitive to her magnetic fields and subtle energies.

Dogs and cats are particularly sensitive to geopathic stresses. These underground "streams" can have serious adverse effects on health with chronic exposure. Dogs will avoid them, but cats seem to like the energy and will immerse themselves in it. So, pay attention to your pets' favorite sleeping spots; they may guide you to place your own bed or desk in the most favourable area.

Sunshine and exercise are important to animals. Cats are famous for "following a sunbeam" across a room, always managing to be curled up in the middle of it. Both dogs and cats need plenty of exercise as well, although many of our furry companions have managed to forget this, much as we have ourselves. But a puppy or kitten is a dynamo of energy! Despite - or perhaps because of - the fact that our pets easily adapt to our sedentary ways, it's important to find ways of providing them with activities that exercise their bodies and their minds. Interactive play sessions for cats, and regular walks for dogs, are essential for them, and good for us, too!

Speaking of walking the dog, next time you do, watch your canine pal. He sees, hears, and smells much differently than you do. Notice what catches his attention. Cats, too, have keener senses than ours. It's fun to watch their ears swivel to catch every little sound and try to figure out what it is they're noticing. Try looking at the world through your animal companion's eyes - she's not worrying about the bills or endlessly dissecting a comment someone made - she's living in the moment and being fully present with everything around her. It's a great gift that animals have, and we've forgotten. Let them show you how.

Animals often remind us to "eat our veggies." What dog or cat doesn't like to chomp on a few blades of grass, or nibble on our favorite indoor plants? Wild animals and many domesticated ones will seek out specific herbs and greens at different times of the year or in case of illness. Though dogs and cats are carnivores, even they understand the need for fresh, whole foods. Earth is a wonderful provider, and animals can show us how to stay in balance with Her through the herbs and plants that grow in Her soil.

The animals also provide spiritual wisdom and guidance; that is, if we're paying attention! There are many books, cards, and Internet resources about the messages that different animals convey. If an animal appears to you - whether in real life, in a dream, or even on TV if it particularly catches your notice - it always has something to teach you. For instance, mice and squirrels teach the importance of planning and attention to detail, while hawks and eagles remind us to broaden our view and look at the big picture. Owls, crows, and ravens signify the magic and mystery of life. Each animal has its special place on Earth, and will teach you all about it, if you'll only listen.

Dr. Jean Hofve has been a holistic veterinarian for more than 9 years. She founded SpiritEssence in 1995, which remains the only line of essence formulas for animals created by a veterinarian. Dr. Hofve does health, nutrition, and behavior consultations through www.littlebigcat.com.

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