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The Keeper
Many Moons

I have been using a Keeper for just over 12 years now and my original Keeper was still going strong, no problems with it at all, but recently I decided it was time to retire it and put in my new one. Well, what a wonderful day that was!!! My new keeper is firmer, it snaps itself into place instead of staying folded inside of me and needing a small twist-of-the-wrist to assist it to sit in place. Now I understand why they say to change it!

I spent a lot of time contemplating whether or not to add my old one to the landfill and use my new Keeper and when I thought about how many tons of waste I had saved using it, it seemed a very small addition within that light.

I LOVE MY KEEPER! It's really easy to insert and equally easy to remove. I clean mine more often when I have heavier days, but on lighter days I can easily go 12 hours between cleanings.

They make two sizes, one for before vaginal birth and one for after. The Keeper comes in a lovely little cotton bag which I hang from the cupboard over the toilet - this way when I put it into it's bag after my period is finished, my Keeper can air dry.

I paid 60 dollars for my Keeper all those years ago and so far, it's cost me less than 6 dollars a year! How many of you can say you pay that little for menstruation products?

I use a cloth pad in combination with my Keeper on my heavier days as I do find my Keeper leaks when my flow is really heavy; but it's such a tiny bit of fluid, I feel like I bleed like "the lucky girls" instead of the reality that I bleed extremely heavily. Even though I clean my Keeper every 2 hours or so for those couple of really heavy days of my cycle, I don't mind at all - considering the other options - wearing tampons or pads alone - 'cause I'd never be able to leave my house and I'd have to wear dark pants the whole time. After the first couple of days of my cycle, my Keeper doesn't leak at all and I only clean it every 12 hours! (Please keep in mind I am a VERY heavy bleeder and so you may not have any leakage at all with yours.)

My Keeper gives me peace of mind and a wonderful freedom during my entire cycle but even more so on my heavier days.

Check out their wonderful website and buy yours today! (Think of the benefits to your body and the environment!)

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson



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