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Animal Voices:
Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life

By Dawn Baumann Brunke
ISBN #:187918191-6

I read this book a few years ago, and I seldom re-read a book but this is one I pick up on a very regular basis. This book has captured my belief system so completely and I recognized it from the moment I started the first chapter. Back in early 2004, every page I read created a deeper desire within me to share this amazing journey with others. Waiting to finish reading it was almost painful, in the anticipation of being able to share my feelings and thoughts regarding Dawn's book. So, because of my strong connection with the words, feelings, thoughts and communications within this book… I have chosen to republish the review I wrote, for those of you who may have missed it… and for those of you who perhaps need a gentle tug to pull down your copy and re-read it!

Firstly, in case you haven't seen it before, this book documents, in a very reader-friendly way many (and I mean many) different conversations Dawn and other animal communicators have had with several species of life (or spirit). It's put together with the flow of spiritual concepts, beginning with those which are easiest for us to grasp, and ending with ones which are infinitely much more complex.

The astounding part of this book is how all the animals have the same message, only retold in various voices through several people. Even my own pets got in on the sharing and started expressing concepts with me before I read the next page in the book where, with life's usual synchronicity, the exact same concept was being broached.

This book shares most of my spiritual beliefs, which in itself blows me away since I have acquired most of my beliefs from my guides, not books; and I have so far met only a handful of people who understand many of these concepts in the same way I do. This is not meant as a comment of ego but of excitement! It is a beautiful dance to see my thoughts taking form on a page I didn't write!

Some of the ideas within this book I hadn't yet comprehended, but I have welcomed them into my soul as they feel right and ring with truth. Honestly, I found 99 % of this book vibrated with my beliefs harmoniously. The other 1 % I may get at a later time, when I'm ready.

Dawn covers many different aspects of the animal kingdom; the value of the mosquito, how pets feel about living with humans, the voices of the animals we raise for food, what the lesson is in 'mad cow disease', the thoughts of animals used for scientific research, and a wonderful flip side of our own selves being researched!

She discusses the concept of past, present and future lives, as well as the veil between worlds, and the ability to flow from one to another. Time is explained ever so beautifully.

She relates, via the animals who chose to participate in this book, how all life is inter-connected and what our attitude of "humans are above all other forms of life" is doing to the Earth and Her creatures.

She even touches on the Shadow, our fears and our lessons. Nothing is missed or left out as Dawn courageously chooses to share all of the voices with us, allowing us to decide which to hold sacred, and what we wish to discard for now.

This is by far the best book on spirituality I have ever read. It encompasses so many different concepts and leaves you with a complete picture as well as, hopefully, some more questions to ask yourself, or maybe even your cherished pet - or a passing fly!

As I was reading the end of this book today, focusing on my goal of finally being able to write this review, a bird came to the window. I stood up and without a moment lost, the Varied Thrush told me, "Freedom is flying".

Within seconds more birds, each a different breed, came to sit on my tree and each one called out it's own thought.

"Freedom is a warm place to sleep".
"Freedom is food to eat".
"Freedom is light".
"Freedom is love".

As I sat down to continue reading I was interrupted from my book again and again by other birds. A chorus of five finches chirped, "Freedom is support".

"Freedom is friendship".
"Freedom is leaving".
"Freedom is rushing".

What? Freedom is rushing? I asked the bird for more information, as this didn't make sense to me. How could there be freedom in rushing? She looked at me and said, "It is enjoying your time as you see fit!"

I laughed as I turned back to my book, realizing many people enjoy rushing around getting things done and so this little bird was indeed correct.

Freedom really is where you find it!

I hope you will go out and get a copy of this book and read it. Allow the words of these animals, insects and spirits to touch a part of your soul which may be sleeping, and the other part of you which is already aware. Let the words of Dawn herself touch you, deeply.

"As the young giraffe told Jeri, we all have a chance to leave the prison of a closed and fearful heart. It is not always a matter of escaping cages, for there are many forms of captivity. Perhaps it is not just to help animals that sanctuaries such as the Giraffe Centre are built; perhaps the existence of such places is also an attempt to help ourselves." (Dawn Baumann Brunke, p. 171)

I not only encourage you to get this book, but also to write to me letting me know how deeply it has changed your understanding; removing your fear of the world and it's many species.

Reviewed again… with great enthusiasm,
Aleesha Stephenson

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