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Following a Spiritual Path in Today's World
by Douglas De Long

I can remember a pre-birth scene, an event which has touched me deeply all of my life. But before I do that, let me explain the pre-birth phenomena to you.

For most people, remembrance of a pre-birth scene is rare. As a human soul you are eternal and connected to the Creator, God or Godsource. While on the earth you are a soul living within a physical body, not just a physical body with a soul! When you 'die' or pass over at the end of each of your earthly incarnations, and there are many incarnations, you as an eternal soul return to the Heavenly Fields above. The soul is able to raise its already high vibrations and enter into these realms. These wonderful realms or higher planes of existence contain beautiful gardens, teaching temples, healing areas and the Akashic Records. Many of you refer to these Records as The Universal Library where all knowledge and wisdom are stored.

During your time here in heaven commonly known as in-between lives, you will experience many events, heal your traumas, evaluate your last earthly existence, and eventually prepare to return to earth - whether you want to or not!

Now, back to my story about my pre-birth experience. I did not want to come back this time around. After all, many of the previous incarnations I recalled were not exactly 'a walk in the park'. I mean, who wants to be guillotined again or watch his books burn in a roaring bonfire during a religious inquisition? Not me!

During the pre-birth recall, I stood on a marble-like floor of an indoor forum. This huge room resembled the Roman Senate House which is often portrayed in movies and television shows. On the benches which surrounded me in a semi-circular fashion, sat or stood many diverse individuals. There were spirit guides in human form dressed in unusual clothing. If you can imagine a scene out of Star Trek, you get the general idea. Also, beings of light with human facial features were amongst them.

Several of these guides were taking turns talking with me. In particular, one beautiful, dark-skinned lady with elegance and class acted as the main speaker. She wore a long, flowing gown of white with tinges of vibrant purple. A brilliant bluish-white light surrounded her elderly head. Yet, her skin seemed young, healthy and shiny.

She instructed me to step back a few feet and look directly in front. Instantaneously, a large holographic image of the earth appeared before my eyes. Images of future world events unfolded. Massive earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, plagues, floods, droughts and powerful windstorms played out in front of me.

Soon, the image of the earth disappeared and many, new frightening scenes replaced it. I saw terrible conflicts and dangerous leaders within the holographic shape. Unimaginable diseases and other calamities were all flashed onto the so-called screen.

Finally, all of this ended and a more uplifting vision appeared. The world was at peace. Loving, kind and spiritually awakened people inhabited the planet. In essence, a Heaven on Earth, a paradise now existed.

Once again, the dark-skinned woman spoke to me with a powerful yet soothing voice, "Many souls of like mind are returning to the Earth. This dramatic period in the Earth's history will come to pass. It is the End Times as predicted but it has been misnamed. It is the greatest challenge that human souls face. As more of you reincarnate upon the planet and seek your spiritual path, a wonderful change will unfold."

I could see all of these loving and wise beings gazing intently at me. The energy in this special place felt peaceful and serene. An all-encompassing love filled the room and filled my soul.

She smiled and spoke once more, "This time on Earth gives you the chance for your greatest spiritual growth ever."

Grudgingly, I decided to return to the Earth for another incarnation.

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Douglas De Long is an international author on the subjects of spirituality, psychic development and ancient healing. His current works: Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques, are both published by Llewellyn Worldwide. He is a medical intuitive, past life therapist, and spiritual teacher. Douglas, along with his wife Carol operate the De Long Ancient Mystery School near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The website is www.douglasdelong.com

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