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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

I know Christmas is right around the corner (since we take this issue online Dec. 15th) and some of you may not have completed your shopping yet. Well I have a suggestion. Instead of getting someone something they may or may not want; another sweater, video game or toy… how about taking that money and gifting it to someone whose life depends on it?

I know that there are times when I sit and think "Oh man I'd love to win the lotto… think of all the good I could do for this planet and the people in it". Well, we don't have to have an abundance of money to help others, just an abundance of love and kindness mixed in with the spirit of gifting.

At Heifer International you can make a donation as small as $10.00 - yes you read that right, $10.00! A tiny donation… less money than most of us spend on transportation a day (gas, parking, insurance) or our lunch - and this donation will make a difference in the life of an entire family! Now, stop for a moment and think about this. $10.00 is almost nothing… if all you have left after paying the bills is $10.00 you consider yourself broke. But that meager amount of money can change an entire family in many areas of the world. Mind blowing, isn't it?

Now, if you have a little more to share, with a donation of $20.00 you could purchase chicks, or a donation of $30.00 will buy a hive of honey bees… or perhaps you have a little more than that in mind… well $120.00 will buy an entire sheep whereas adding another $30.00 onto that donation can get a full llama! Can you imagine? There are people who are so in need in this world that the gift of a llama will change their lives forever! F-O-R-E-V-E-R instead of when the game becomes boring or the sweater no longer fits.

You can even gift trees for a meager $60.00. If your entire family wants to get together on this, you can purchase a "Gift Ark" for $5,000 which enables Heifer to send out a huge array of critters to secure food and a source of income for many. Just think of the faces of those people when their new-found source of food and income arrives. The thought brings tears to my eyes. To touch so many, for the rest of their lives… sending children to school, getting them medical attention, assisting them to build their own home - all of this is possible when they have the means to create income for themselves and this is what having an animal means to these people. Livestock creates abundance for them, to use, sell and trade to cover their other needs.

Your gift can create sustainable income!

So how about reaching deep into your pockets and seeing what you have to spare, and dropping a little Heifer's way this Christmas! What I would really like my daughter to gift me this Christmas is a flock of hope. I plan on gifting each of my kids a basket of hope for Yule/Christmas this year. For my hubby, the perfect gift will be a llama. What are you getting your boss, friends, family members and significant others for Christmas this year?

I would like to take a moment to thank Bruce Burton for his wonderful "Tales of a Country Vet" column, Anne Ellis for her "Wiccan Voices" and Nasturtium Blackwitt for "Aunty Nasty". Unfortunately their 'paths' are taking them in different directions and they won't be contributing to Timeless Spirit Magazine any longer… we thank them for sharing their light and wisdom with all of us and we wish them great joy as they step off this path and onto another!


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