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Ancient Teachings for Beginners
Ancient Healing Teachniques
Ancient Initiation and Angel Meeting Meditation Recording CD

Douglas De Long

Normally we review one item (book, CD, DVD) per page but in this case, I want to make an exception.

Doug's books and CD, in my opinion are a great "unit". Working with all three, listening, opening, reading, chanting… your growth, your spiritual enlightenment increases regardless of where you are on your spiritual path.

When I first received these, I began by listening to the CD. Although Doug speaks very quickly, the point isn't really for your conscious mind to keep up, but rather to simply allow it to speak to your sub-conscious mind - so opening yourself up to his words and his "May" chant assists you greatly without you really following along with every word he says during the meditation. Once you know this and you stop struggling to keep up… then the CD becomes much more enjoyable.

Personally, I didn't like how abruptly the CD ends… so I set my CD player to play another CD (Temple in the Forest) immediately afterwards… this way I could stay in the flow of the energy long after his words stopped!

Reading both books simultaneously, which is how I often read books… from back to front or just simply open to any page and read. I found this method worked beautifully with Doug's teachings. Every day I opened his books to exactly what I needed to learn… ahhhh I love it when things just simply flow within the energy of synchronicity.

Now, let me share my own personal experience.

I listened to the CD every night at bedtime (which is when I normally meditate) for a week. My third eye was already open as I channel 'guides' for clients during readings and have been doing this for almost 20 years, so I wondered how much I would benefit from listening to his CD. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the answer to that question! Then I began to read his books. Chanting became so integrated with who I am almost immediately. I found his teachings very easy to understand, he writes beautifully, it's like he's sitting there across from you explaining everything to you personally.

After about 3 or 4 weeks of chanting daily and reading small bits of his books at a time I was sending one of my Reiki students (now a Reiki M/T herself) a group of sessions, to assist her to move through some blocked energy. To my amazement, my Reiki felt different. Like it was amplified ten-fold - and my student felt the same on her end. She had never felt energy like this before! We both discussed why my Reiki was feeling so different and upon reflection, we realized the only thing that changed in my life was my studies of Doug's teachings!

The readings I've done for clients since listening to Doug's CD have been - well I'm not sure how to describe it really as every reading is unique - but I can say I could feel the connection deeper and the channel clearer than ever before!

I highly recommend Doug's books and CD and I understand he also teaches classes! One day I hope to visit a friend who lives near him and take one of his weekend retreat classes. If reading his books and listening to his CD did this much for me… I can only imagine what a hands-on retreat would do!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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