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The Yoga of the Nine Emotions
The Tantric Practice of Rasa Sadhana

Peter Marchand

The Author of 'The Yoga of the Nine Emotions', Peter Marchand, began his yogic studies in 1983 under Harish Johari, who is often referred to as a 'renaissance man' in the world of yoga. Peter Marchand is now an accomplished author and teaches Rasa Sadhana all over the world. The Yoga of the Nine Emotions, 'Rasa Sadhana', is the practice and study of rasas. Rasas are the essence of emotions. There are nine rasas, Peter explains: Love, Joy, Wonder, Courage, Calmness, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust. Rasa Sadhana involves 'Rasa Fasting': Fasting from, or on, specific emotions for a specified period of time. It is suggested that a person practice only one rasa at a time to give it the true attention it deserves. Some people spend a lifetime (literally) in true Rasa Sadhana: embracing one rasa for their whole lives.

With four sections, this book has interesting information on all aspects of our nine emotions and how our everyday surroundings affect them. Vibrations of sound, colours and shapes, art, and people, all have tremendous affects on our emotions. The author explains how profoundly our emotions affect our body and mind. With a chapter on food, Peter explains how food affects our body and mind deeply, as it is our fuel. He also speaks of the importance of balancing sensory input. Technology is all around us and it is so important to embrace silence with some quiet time when the T.V., radio, computer etc, are not on. Sensory overload causes confusion, it is imperative we give all of our senses a break from time to time.

I seriously recommend this book, for the explanation of the nine rasas alone; although, the rest of the book is fantastic as well! I feel I've been introduced to my emotions - this book has really helped me become more aware of them. I've realized each rasa is present in every situation and, that I can use willpower and intuition to recognize all the rasas in any situation, to gain greater awareness. Great clarity is gained when a person can see their emotions clearly, and accept them. When an emotion surfaces, it should be properly assessed, and not suppressed or dwelled upon. Life happens around us and we perceive it. Through this book, Peter Marchand has taught me to, 'Find the one inside that is always watching without being affected.' After reading this book I honestly feel more in touch with myself.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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