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Nia - Unplugged
Debbie and Carlos Rosas
ISBN#: 94922-83455-3

I just finished dancing with Debbie and Carlos Rosas, the founders of Nia and I have to sit down this very instant and write this review!

First off let me tell you, I watched about 3 minutes of this DVD when it first arrived and fell in love with the freedom of movement but I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me. This passionate dance is uplifting, freeing and absolutely liberating to a degree which I've never personally experienced before. This is not a workout video… this is a spiritual event where your body, mind and spirit unite completely with the Earth and the Heaven… the ocean and the trees.

You don't stretch, you fall into it, you don't just move your body, you dance to the rhythm of the energy within your soul.

The drums being played guide you as your body begins to sway and your feet move, there is not one way to move… there are many and Nia embraces this. Your arms sway with the waves of the ocean, your hands reach out to part the clouds… you cherish the Earth, the Heavens and the community surrounding you.

In the end, you reconnect with your body, your toes, your ankles, your knees, you spine - you stand and create this moment for yourself - this perfect moment and you allow it to manifest before you. Then you allow yourself to flow into breath… and simply exist there.

If you choose to join a class or purchase one of their DVDs, I can promise you, you will embrace your body, your soul and your life in a way you haven't before.

If this review isn't making any sense to you, let me spell it out a little more clearly and less poetically. Nia is a great way to work your cardiovascular system. You move, you flow with the instructors, you get your heart pumping, your blood moving and your aura cleansed during this 54 minute workout. You allow your body to move with the music as Debbie and Carlos give you instructions which are very grounded and earthy. They don't tell you to stretch your body up - they ask you to reach for the Heavens. Instead of telling you to touch the floor they ask you to connect with the Earth. Their movements, their words are so grounded and earthy… I honestly felt like I was being led on a meditation rather than a cardio workout - and my body, mind and spirit completely embraced it!

Debbie and Carlos move very differently which gives you the freedom to move however you wish to. I found myself snapping my fingers at one point and I knew it was okay… I had the freedom to be me!

I'm on my second day of a three-day Full Moon fast. Drinking only water and kumbacha. I spent the morning doing a salt water flush and felt I was ready to embrace this DVD - as the second day of a Full Moon is extremely powerful and so I wanted to allow that energy to connect with this workout. I had no idea though, just how deeply it would. At one point I found myself crying as I danced… emotion overtook my being and I allowed the release as I rejoiced and celebrated my body and the movement it was creating within that very moment. The ending of this workout is amazing. Truly a gift to everyone who chooses to participate. I'm going to leave that for you to discover on your own… in your living room with your own copy of this passionate, liberating DVD.

If you only do one thing for yourself this holiday season, please be sure to get a copy and embrace this experience for yourself!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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