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Volume 5 Issue 2 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Alex Grey
ISBN#: I-59477-017-4

The aptly named, Transfigurations, is a book showcasing the career and timeline of Alex Grey's artwork: the influences, experiments and inspirations he's had throughout his journey as an artist.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of his artistic lifetime and the fantastic images within. This 10.5" by 13.5" book has 168 pages, complete with full explanation and colour images of his works. Alex Grey is a very talented artist and his artistic creations and exhibitions are something I can look at and ponder seemingly forever. His art really makes you think. Some of his early works are a bit morbid and perhaps a bit too extreme for younger readers.

I was slightly jaded to read that some of his inspiration and visions have come through experimentation with LSD: but to give him credit he fully admits the drugs' use within his book and even has a foreword written by Albert Hofman explaining LSD, and several explanations throughout where Alex describes the drugs' importance, affect and use as pertaining to himself.

I really enjoyed the chapter on "The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors". I have reviewed the "Sacred Mirrors" as a deck of images before and they were so beautiful and meaningful they encouraged me to look up more information on Alex Grey and his art, and to review the "Transfigurations" book. I was especially touched by Alex Grey's "Mysticism" where he showcases many images, of which I was especially fond of several paintings of intercourse, creation and birth.

Alex Grey's art is very vivid and thought invoking. To have his career spelled out and explained within this book allowed me to have a greater appreciation and understanding of his work. A family man, and an artist, Alex Grey's work is definitely worth a peek. I have no doubt his images will invoke the same kind of thoughtful appreciation in others as they did in me.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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