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Lady of the Beasts
The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals

Buffie Johnson
ISBN-13#: 978-0-89281-523-4
ISBN#: 0-89281-523-X

Being "new to the scene" I've been curious about the Goddess: I've asked lots of questions about the Goddess, of myself, friends, mentors, and even to the air when I'm alone. Mostly my questions have been met with vague answers or answers which I wasn't quite satisfied with. She's everywhere, She's everyone, She's everything - I needed more. If in anyway my pondering and asking and researching brought me to this book, then it was time well spent.

If I sent someone out into the world with the task of finding every piece of information about the Goddess they could find; pictures, history, world accounts - this would be it. Buffie Johnson has answered all of my Goddess questions and then some. She has spent a lifetime researching to write this book. What a great, extensive, informative work! This book has so many pictures of the Goddess from all around the world; cave drawings, carvings, vases, paintings, sculptures, coins and so much more - timeless pieces and works from all over the planet. I had no idea how big my question of "Who is the Goddess?" actually was.

Lady of the Beasts is a hefty book of 351 pages. An extensive report on the Goddess. Definitely a golden find for anyone who wants to learn about the Goddess, and a collection piece for those who have been living in the love of the Goddess all their lives. There are thirteen parts on different animals and how they represent the Goddess, which ties the book together and brings a greater understanding of the Goddess and her creatures, and ourselves.

The book includes extensive notes and bibliography: this woman has literally done her homework, this is by far the most clear and extensive work on the Goddess I've read. It is very gracefully written. As I do not know Buffie Johnson, I cannot personally express my thanks for this great information she's passed to me; but, I think me reading the book and appreciating it so, and passing along this review to others with the message, "You've got to read this book!" expresses my gratitude. So… again… in conclusion, You've got to read this book.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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