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Wyrd Lynx
Heel-ing Your Dis-Ease

with John Sacelli

We've all realized by now that disease is dis-ease, what we are not at peace with. And some of us have grasped that 'healing' is 'heel-ing' - getting down off our tippy-toes, not living anxiously on the balls of our feet trying to get into the future, but letting our heels settle, our feet in the present on the ground, letting Earth circulate through us to reach Sky.

But how many of you have guessed that most 'diseases' describe themselves in their common names? (From the soon-to-be-published Angelish Dictionary):

Disease - dis-ease. What is not easy in our hearts, conscience or consciousness after a time becomes hard in the body; that is, crystallizes into disease. Some typical 'dis-eases':

While experiencing a series of Shamanic Visions in the early 1980's, John Sacelli met his totem Lynx (links) who introduced him to a series of inter-dimensional, alternative and past life adventures, and also to 'Angelish, the Original Language'. Angelish is the basis for the angeLynx Oracle deck, which John has developed along with visionary artist Chris Deschaine. John has conducted workshops in Polarity Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage, Soul Circles, The Dreamtime and Shamanism across North America.

To learn more about the Vows of El, or Angelish, the Original Language, or the angeLynx Oracle Deck, go to www.angeLynx.com or www.johnsacelli.com. For an angeLynx or Star Logic reading, contact John via email or call: 773 761 0252.

Be sure to read the review of AngeLynx in our May 2006 Issue.

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