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From A Distance
by Dj Brown

The undulating tides of the oceans stretch from shore to shore, continent to continent. Rolling sands are polishing shells and pebbles from their simpleness to gems. Majestic mountains moan as they release deep songs, birthing new vistas. Volcanoes pulsating to Mother Earth's beating heart change her shape, creating new spaces for life to grow. Trees, plants and flowers at just the right time burst to seed so wind, bird or rain can spread their glory for another season to come. The river reveals its secrets written in moon calligraphy on ripples. Cows graze on the sweet greens… horses race with the wind… trees shiver in the cool rain… whales sing their mystical songs, and we are born in pure spirit of this oneness, this energy, this ethereal and earthly community. Like those who came before and those who will come after, we are held in the arms of angels. They are guiding, protecting, travelling at our sides as we become sojourners in the humanity of earthly time.

In this world where the slimmest veils acts as a boundary between the ordinary and the most awe inspiring extraordinary, we might guess there is more to the scene than we see; more to sounds of living than we can perceive; more to the meaning of community than we might recognize; and, more to gain in knowing the unknown.

Throughout the ages, many societies have come and gone. However, the community of life has long persisted, changed and bloomed into something different, stronger, softer, renewed, illuminated and enlightened. White Eagle speaks to us saying; "The true light is a gentle love which, rising in you, causes you to look at the world with understanding and respect. When you respect the souls of your brother and sister, you respect their lives in every way. This gentle spirit, this respect for one and another, must come. For this is the generation of one true Light, and this true light is that of love."

Thoughts, words and actions change our community. When the polar bear is in danger of extinction, so are we. If we blow up our mountains for strip mining, we change our community and life in unknown ways. If we pollute our waters and poison the land we plant our crops in, what shall we eat and drink that is pure? It is a sacred honour to love and nourish our community. Each of us is responsible for protecting what was given to us in love. When we see our community for all that it is, we begin to understand our place and our obligation to honour and bless creation.

We learn as we live with Mother Earth's seasons, for they are also the seasons of our life. A time to rest. A time to grow. A time to bloom, and a time to harvest, followed again by resting. We understand our importance as we stand in silence letting our spirit merge with our community. We know where we belong as the pure glory of it all seeps into hearts and writes our story on the tapestry of our spirits in love.

The simple fact of existence is proof of belonging to the community of life. Our spirit is the essence of who we really are. What makes us so individually human are our experiences. Our essence is where our intuition rises up naturally and whispers in our ear what we know before we know it. Our intuition always gives us the untarnished truth. It lights our way and moves us to believe in ourselves and find the best in others.

You and I grow in many different ways, and the tapestry of our spirit grows with us. We weave the threads of intuition and experience. This merging of our finite human self and infinite Light infused spirit becomes our tapestry. This living cloak of love is the garment we'll wear home to our Beloved Breath of Life. It is our lifetime work and in it is a woven picture of our life's community. Weaving it lovingly can be one of our most conscious peaceful acts.

Achieving peace within ourselves will lead us from discernment to enlightenment—igniting our understanding that our differences are our greatest resource. Individually we are part of the most awe inspiring extraordinary creation of our Initiator, the Breath of Life. The veil that separates the common from the extraordinary is wearing thinner as more and more of us listen to our intuition. Discernment and enlightenment are ours to claim. They are our birthright, and when we move past the finite to the infinite we find them waiting in our spiritual heart.

Our community is large and yet small and familiar. It's new and strange. Every day it changes, grows, and it lives and supports life at our worst and best moments. If we reach out to touch the lives of others with our best intentions and love, if we honour and protect nature and animals, if we stand together against the plundering and destruction of Mother Earth, we'll keep our community of life alive and well.

Societies may still come and go. However, the light of life cannot be diminished or extinguished, for it exists within the Beloved Initiator's Breath. Birds will still sing… tides will rise and fall… butterflies will amaze us with their beauty. The moon will always wax and wane, and somewhere, yes somewhere, the sun will always shine. A dog will always be barking; the polar bears will still be raising their cubs; and whales will be breaking the surface of the ocean waters. We will hear the laughter of children, couples will walk hand-in-hand, the aged sages will remind us where we came from, and we dreamers will lead the way forward.

When viewed from space, our community is Mother Earth. From a distance we are one… we are peaceful… we are whole and united in our purpose. From a distance we are loving and compassionate. We appear as loving spirits weaving our tapestries, entwining our experiences to further the collective consciousness. From a distance we are everything we could ever hope to be. Now we just have to learn to achieve that "from a distance" look in our up close personal reality.

When we are born, our mothers birth us into the Light. If we are to have peace and love in our community, we only need to believe in the spiritual web of breath which holds us all, and walk in the Light of love and dignity.  

A mystical curiosity about nature and the ability to paint pictures with words gives this gifted writer, public speaker and artist the ability to serve and share with those she walks her journey with. Dj Brown earned a degree in metaphysical ministry and counselling. She was born a sensitive to spirits and finds her abilities enhanced by her spirit guides and earthly teachers. Dj describes her life goal as one of further developing the tapestry of her spirit to reflect the compassionate, loving Source of her being.

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