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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

Ahhhh where to begin. This is, by far, the most difficult issue I've ever had to put together. My Mom—our Copy Editor—passed away on November 7th. This is the first time I've ever written anything without her eyes reading it over, her thoughts touching my words and her voice mingling with mine, bringing my work to a higher state of grace. She blessed me with so much during our time together, the way she taught me to edit an article and how to become a better writer; the way she showed me to express myself in the written word without the use of the word "that"; how she tried to get me to use the proper form of it's or its… (a totally futile attempt, I might add; I still don't seem to get it *laughing*) and oh so much more! Writing now seems almost empty without her.

Mom went to bed on the 6th and never woke the next morning. Her husband of over 30 years found her in the morning and began the process of saying goodbye to his life partner. Later that day my phone rang and the rest of us began this process as well. I have been in a fog, feeling the tears of sadness on my cheeks and the tears of laughter as well - remembering all she was to me.

She created me in her image - or rather, I created myself in her image. I watched her so closely. The way she interacted with others, the way she walked her talk; I learned how to walk from her lead. All those who knew her know how she always led by example. She never asked you to walk within the light, she was already there showing you it could be done!

Over the next few months, years, lifetimes, I'm sure I'll move from this place of grieving into a new space… but I do know I will never stop loving her or learning from her because even though she is not here physically I am blessed to have a deep connection with her Spirit. She is continuing to guide me even as I write this. *Thanks Mom*

So, please accept our apologies if this issue is not up to her standards of perfection. We (the staff) promise to pull up our socks and work hard at editing this publication in the issues to come so it shines to the brightness she so diligently and patiently gifted us with every issue. Ahhhh, she loved to spit and polish an article, that is for sure.

This issue is dedicated to her. So, please get a cup of coffee (her favourite beverage) and raise it with me: Here's to Magi Frost… one heck of an editor! *clink*

Oh I almost forgot… We have received so many letters over the years for Aunty Nasty, our wonderfully twisted psychologist. I agreed to keep her identity secret until she passed. Now I can share with you all - Magi Frost: was and is Aunty Nasty. Her twisted sense of humour will never be forgotten.

Magi Frost
June 11, 1940 - November 07, 2008

Magic sand and power stone, things to make the spell thine own.
Deosil and widdershin, it's the practice "witch" I'm in.
Powers of the Moon and Sun recall the rede… "an harm ye none".

Gentle breeze and powers of AIR; dragonfly and hummer fair,
Stinging wasp and busy bee, jungle feathers rare to see.
Now the element of FIRE; from candle glow to wild desire;
Walk in it and do not burn, seal the spell for which you yearn.
Swirl of WATER; wisp of fog, (yes we stock the whole dried frog)
Things that grow in water too, and scrying mirrors of darkly hue.

Dark and rich the EARTH; our Mother; things from on and things from under,
Burnished roots and precious leaves; wands and staves bequeathed by trees.

Remnants filled with power and wonder, things who padded, slithered, thundered. Stones upon which symbols show;
Lava spit from volcano, fairy dust and magic sands,
Things from most exotic lands… No no, I jest not, nor do mock;
All of these things and more I stock. And if you see not what you need,
Ask it of me and I will heed.

Margaret, daughter of Maisie, granddaughter of Ada, great granddaughter of Margaret Morris of Ireland.

Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Wife.

Crone, Wiccan High Priestess, Ordained Wiccan Clergy, Celtic Shaman, Reiki Master/Teacher, Firewalker/Instructor, Doll Maker & Multi-Media Artist, Astrologist, Numerologist, Spell Maker, English Major, Writer/Editor/Proof-Reader, First Licensed Witch of Supernatural B.C., Activist, Facilitator, and Animal Lover.

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild. With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.

Away with us he's going, the solemn-eyed;
He'll hear no more the lowing
Of the calves on the warm hillside
Or the kettle on the hob.
Sing peace into his breast,
Or see the brown mice bob
Round and round the oatmeal chest.
For he comes the human child,
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than he can understand.

PS: A very special thank you to Dawn and Patricia for their assistance with editing this issue and WhiteSmoke, a writing software. PSS: Part of the memorial for Magi is written by William Butler Yeats.

Aleesha Stephenson is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

A Raw-Vegan, Reiki Master Teacher, who lives her Buddhist, Shamanic, with many eclectic Pagan beliefs, she home-schools two of her three spiritually enlightened children as her eldest has graduated and moved on to the school of life. Friend (and mother) to them all, she is also a life-partner to her husband David. Her life truly is filled with light.

Author of the "Pathway Series," a series of workbooks created for 28 consecutive nights of spellwork for Magi's Magick Spells. Aleesha teaches classes in Tarot, Meditation and Reiki. For more information, please contact Aleesha via email, visit her personal web page or her blog - Aleesha's Raw Life.

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