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Liquid Bells
Singing Bowls

Damien Rose

This CD takes me into such a deep clear place. I turn it on every night after I've sat in meditation for an hour. I lay down flat, no pillow beneath my head so I am in alignment, then I turn on this CD and begin to Reiki myself. It doesn't matter how deep I've 'settled' during my meditation, Damien's music takes me even deeper… to a place I knew existed but seldom visited.

During the past weeks since my mom passed away, this CD has assisted greatly with my healing. Hearing the tones created by Damien—feeling the sound of the bowls resonate within my energy centres—brings my chakras and soul into alignment.

I am seldom still awake at the end of this CD, but I have listened to it in its entirety during the day. Every track brings me to a different place. When I first received it I fell in love immediately - and those feelings have increased. Every time I hear this CD - from that very first tone - I find myself in a new space - very different from what I'm used to when listening to CDs. Thank you, Damien, for creating this. I know you didn't create it specifically for me, but it sure feels that way when I'm resonating within its tones.

I honestly cannot recommend this CD highly enough. You can click here to listen to some samples of Damien's work. Buy this CD… for your Self, for your loved ones, for those you care about. It will surely assist anyone listening to it on this journey we call life!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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