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You can order an Excalibur Dehyrdrator from Matt… at the best price on the net even for Canadians. This is where I (Aleesha) purchased mine from. Matt gifts everyone with free teflon sheets (normally $10 each) with their dehydrator (subject to change without notice) - so it turns into a significant savings to order through him. He has many other items as well - so click and enjoy!!!

Everything you Need to Learn Raw and Live Raw

Angela Stokes is a Raw-Vegan with a GREAT story! Her site has many raw items for you to enjoy!

Everything you Need to Learn Raw and Live Raw

Oxy-Powder is a very effective colon cleanser - very highly recommended in 'raw-vegan' circles!

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A site I recommend highly… very high level of integrity and excellent products!

A High Priestess Crone magicks everything at Magi's Magick Spells. Definitely worth your time so check this site out and purchase a few spells for your next night of spellcasting! These products enhance your meditations and SUPER-CHARGE your affirmations!

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Here is a wonderful site, if there's a deck you want, they can probably get it for you! The Tarot Garden specializes in hard-to-get decks but they have a HUGE selection of decks to choose from. If there's a deck you want and don't see it on their site… just email Jeannette and Dan and they'll do everything they can to get you one (or two). The proprietors of this shop have very high integrity and are absolutely beautiful souls! Please take some time to check out their site.

I recommend this company to students, clients and friends.


Something else I highly recommend is Dan's readings. Not only are they accurate (almost in a scary sort of way) but they are easy to understand and extremely helpful.


This is my own web design company. If you would like me to create a web page or site for you, please feel free to contact me.


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