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Volume 7 Issue 2 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Wiccan Voices
Turning the Wheel with a Sense of Self

with Crystal Blanton

What does it mean to be spiritual? What does it mean to be a witch? Who am I? Who do I want to become? These are questions we all ask ourselves on this journey of rebirth into a spiritual path and our attempt to improve the quality of our lives through spiritual means. Reaching out to the Universe to connect to a higher sense of purpose and a higher sense of understanding of the world around us is an attempt to learn more about ourselves and our own worth.

It is easy to find yourself on one end of the wheel of life, unprepared for the momentum that is created when it turns. Although the turning wheel is an automatic and natural process, the internal shift that happens can leave a person without footing and clarity. Moving into the dark half of the year is notorious for this type of dynamic and can leave people without a sense of security as the shadows are uncovered and questions arise.

Connecting to the Self is such a crucial part of any spiritual path, especially that of a witch, for we must understand our true nature and our true power in order to harness it and use it effectively.

What often happens is the degradation of self worth which finds its way into our lives and begins the process of dictating our choices or lack there of. These self esteem killers are usually directly linked to fear in many different forms and causes us to retreat, question or run from our paths. What if someone told you the way to understanding yourself was in your path, in the journey itself? Would you continue to fear what might be coming; the things that could inevitably make you stronger, wiser, more powerful and improve the way you are able to see life as it unfolds?

Like a math equation, your life plus your experiences will create a better you. So why not get on the roller coaster and enjoy the ride? Every opportunity you have to grow into a better Self, seize it and format your life with your intentions. Each person's connection to the God and Goddess starts from within themselves and can unfold a journey which is unimaginable yet necessary. These experiences give you the chance to go inward and reflect on what is truly important.

Over the years I have finally come to understand that this time of year, moving into the dark half, gives me a unique chance to fix those things I know are broken yet am scared to uncover. Moving in this direction in my life has proven to be the ultimate gift to myself since it is removing of blockages and making way for new things. So often we are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers which only exist within our own core. If we do not give ourselves the opportunity to go within, connect and care for that person, we are not allowing ourselves to move beyond this specific point in time. Taking care of Self will lead to a better understanding of what makes us tick and what things stop our clocks. This is essential information in the witch's path and spirituality is increasingly under-rated in the average life of people.

Remember this season to put yourself first and know you are worth every opportunity which comes your way. When you are living in the present moment, or as Eckhart Tolle refers to it - living in the "Now", your opportunity to learn more about yourself is right in this very moment. Don't wait for tomorrow. Leave more room for blessings to come upon the waking of your soul each day. Hug yourself, connect with your Self, honour your Self, acknowledge your Self; if you cannot find a way to do that then you cannot teach someone else how to show you this same love and respect. May the beginning of the dark half of the year help you to go through darkness and appreciate the light within your Self. Blessed Be!

Crystal Blanton is a trained and experienced Registered Addictions Specialist in the field of drug and alcohol counseling, which enhances her understanding of spiritual balance and how behaviour and perceptions affect our everyday lives. Blanton is a High Priestess and ordained minister with Family Wiccan Traditions International (FWTI) and Dance of the Spirit Moon Tradition, is on the Executive Board of Directors for FWTI, Elder with Covenant of the Goddess and is a student mentor. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and children and tries to read as much as possible.

You can contact Crystal Blanton via email or visit her website at www.crystalblanton.com or www.touchofamethyst.com.

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