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Copyright © 2010 Seva Kourzis

"Knowledge is empowering!" ~ Aleesha Sattva

"I have no expectations but plenty of hopes. I have no attachments but plenty of desires."
~ Parzival Sattva

This one is not for your kids to hear (adult language used) but it's such a fun tune. ENJOY!

Beautifully said!

Need a hug? Here's one for ya!

The Garden

All enter a world of sights and smells
              flowers and dells, fields and wells
Twisted strange wilds, tended paths that wind
All the pleasures and horrors of a child's mind

Called The Garden, it's a lovely place
              a wondrous space for a faire race
where dreams are born and spirits roam
a land where all can create a home

Called The Morgue, it's a forbidding place
              a nightmare space for a demon race
where hazards and poisons are free to flow
and lands where things refuse to grow

What calls us all to this place?
              This restful space or endless race
Upon what purpose are our souls bent?
My reason is to find the Heaven Scent

Some trample beds as they go
              Others weave, sew and aid things grow
No set balance between darkness and light
Just reason, thought, and second sight

My paths have taken me through well worn ways
              heart-felt prayers and endless days
Shown around at first, then on my own
To find what I reaped from what I'd sown

I've crawled and run and walked and stepped
              The adult has kept the child who leapt
amongst the paths, plants, springs and brooks
in a paradise most know only through books

Through years of questing and finding what for
              gathering pertinent lore and so much more
Finding clarity and clouds with every step
Depression with oppressive feet slowly crept

The elusive Scent for which I'd scoured
              smelled every flower in lake, garden, and bower
Was nowhere to be found, or so it seemed
Was it nothing more than a nightmarish dream?

In a field of flowers in a cool night of Spring
              Where Elves danced and Cherubs winged
I plopped down amidst them and gave up hope
Ended the search so's not feel the Dope

Lying on the ground in that time of despair
              breathing the air and becoming aware
I stretched out and found lying next to me
A fellow searcher, pretty as can be

Propped up on elbows, we began to talk
              We had to talk of our endless walk
As the Sun rose upon us, understanding did too
Here lay the Heaven Sent with eyes of blue

And so in this Garden of Paradise Found
              We walk around the endless grounds
Hand in hand until the end of time
Now and Forever — Evernow — Divine

Parzival Sattva - ©2011

Aleesha Sattva, formerly: Aleesha Stephenson

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