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Spiritual Flow - Ordinary Moments
by Cheryl Jewett

When is the last time you felt life 'flowing' uncontrollably within and around you? Did you find it to be exciting or frightening?

For most of us control freaks, it can be extremely discomforting. By becoming aware of the energy of spiritual flow which circulates through us and all of creation, we can focus on the positive aspect of it, feeling an awesome serenity and freedom.

By simply practicing a Tao concept, Wu Wei, a doing without doing, a being without being, we learn an easy acceptance of what is, rather than what we demand to be.

Does this mean we just sit back and let life slide on by? No, not at all.

Choosing to let go and let God means taking action and yet, at the same time, listening within, to the Wise Whisperings of the God-Spirit.

Sometimes, it means just stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, knowing everything happens for a reason, and we don't have to know the reason. We don't have to over-analyze, project, predict, or make things complex. In fact, simplicity is one of the basic tenets of Taoism, an ancient Eastern philosophy.

* Spiritual flow is found within ordinary moments of the day *

* It's found each time we breathe in and breathe out, realizing the essence of Spirit, of Divine Universal Intelligence, actually flows through and around us, giving life to ALL. Movement.

* It's found when we realize we are tired from a busy day or activity, acknowledge it, and rest for a while. Balance.

* It's found when we walk down some steps, knowing our legs will carry us. Trust, trusting the God within and without.

* It's found when we awake to a rainy day, hoping for a sunny day. Acceptance.

* It's found when the alternate plan pops into your mind, at that moment, knowing the rain doesn't have to ruin the day. Creativity.

* It's found when we hug our family and friends as they venture forth into the world. Love.

* It's found when we notice and appreciate the sweet tune of one of wildlife's joyous singers - the birds - instead of the radio. Simplicity.

* It's found when we allow the cycles of life to gently flow through us… be it through astrology, the seasons, or just the sunrise and sunset. Rhythms of Nature.

* It's found when we notice the delicate nature and fragrance of a flower. Its beauty. Sometime when you spot a Queen Anne's Lace flower (a large white flower consisting of many tiny flowers joined together) turn it over and look at the intricate network beneath it. The complex interconnectedness underlying its glory. That's life. That's us. An amazing and unbelievable merging of many into the ONE.

* It's found when we realize it's time for a haircut, a nap, or a meal. Time for a change. Impermanence.

* It's found when we splash water on the face or hands. Flowing, timeless consciousness.

All of these ordinary moments and aspects of everyday life speak to us of a Divine Essence. These extraordinarily magic moments - simple incidents in ordinary life - are what life is all about. 'Flow', flowing down the mighty river of life.

Having Multiple Sclerosis for years, plus the untimely death of her youngest son a few years ago, forced Cheryl to re-invent her thought processes. As a metaphysical minister, Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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