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Meaningless Words
thoughts of a reader…
Jackie Sedwick

"meaningless words define
spring time
in the dead forest."
-- tag line and photo by Bob Harbinson on the cover the May issue of Timeless Spirit Magazine.

I had clicked onto this magazine's website with anticipation. I look forward to each issue. But…

I had to stop, right then, and go to my writing. I didn't want to lose the thought. It felt important, requiring action before it was lost.

Meaningless words often describe my life. They have no meaning for me… I am going through empty motions.

Yet, aren't we encouraged to 'empty' ourselves, our minds, our thoughts? If I am indeed in the void, I am ripe for new life, new growth, new opportunities?

Meaningless… meaning less.

Meaning less than what? Than what it meant before? What it may yet mean? Those are irrelevant.

The only time is NOW. How can anything present, here and now, mean less than what it does?

It is significant because it IS.

It is what it is.

Breathe it in.

If it's bumpy or thorny, breathe gently; be easy with yourself.

If it's joyful, breathe deeply; fill your entire Being with the Presence.

If it's fun or funny, breathe it in with a giggle, then a full belly laugh; enjoy Life.

It is. I AM. God IS.

Go with the 'flow'.

There is nothing else.

(c) Jackie Sedwick 2004

Jackie is a writer, birth doula, spiritual counselor, Reiki Master, and workshop facilitator. She spent 28 years in accounting, and is now doing what she loves. She is a mother of seven, grandmother of eleven. She is birthing her first book. Life is good. She can be reached via email.

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