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A Deeper View of Flow - A Talk with Earth Guardians

with Dawn Baumann Brunke

One day, while talking with a variety of animals to learn more about the subject of shapeshifting, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a group of beings who began to talk with me about the earth and the way all life undergoes a "shape shifting" of both physical form and consciousness.

These beings identified themselves as guardians of the earth, or, as they put it, "We are guardians - guardians of the earth, but more specifically, of the deeper nature of things. We could give you a title, but it would only be that, a label, a way for you to order things, and that is what we are encouraging you not to do. We offer assistance to beings who work with recovering (or, uncovering) the deeper nature of earth herself, of discovering how evolution, especially of animal forms (including humans) began from a single river of thought, of life-giving form and energy."

Oh, this is going to be interesting! I thought, and settled in to listen to what the earth guardians wanted to share.

"As you continue to deepen, you tap into a vast, deep reservoir of energy. It is like an underground river - old, ancient. It 'flows' beneath the surface of things, which is to say, at a deeper layer than appearances. It moves to a deeper rhythm, pulses closer to the heartbeat of this very earth. To our way of seeing things, that is where the real core of nature resides - in the deep.

"All molecules of living things connect to the earth herself, to the soil, and even below that - to deeper waters and matter of the earth. We are not apart from the earth; we are a part of the earth. When you tune into this way of seeing things, this deeper perspective, you truly do see that hurting the earth is harming yourself.

"As you look deeply to the core or origin of your human beginnings, to the ways in which your particular form evolved - both individually and as a group, both species wise and as a planet - you see that all of these events are interrelated. There is not one line of evolution without all others. That is essential to understand.

"It is in this sense that you can 'move' into the form of other species. It is this type of evolutionary planning that allows you to share consciousness with another species' being." I was reminded at this point of the experiences I had of 'sharing consciousness' with my dogs and with other animals - birds, cats, fish and a lion. It was this form of shapeshifting that intrigued me, this ability to join in consciousness with another being and experience the world through his or her eyes.

"Yes, we are like the Underground People that spring up to the surface of the earth when someone is attuned to hear our words, our thoughts, the gifts we have to share," the guardians noted.

"What information would you like to share with others?" I asked.

"First, we wish for individuals who are working with the energy of the earth - and this includes many far-reaching aspects, from gardening and farming to conservation, water treatment and pollution treatment, and even into the more arcane sciences, such as working with animals, shapeshifting, even forms of ritual energy making - to focus first on deepening, and making contact with the earth beings.

"There are many, many varieties of earth beings who work at various levels. For example, there are some devas and fairies who work close to the surface of the land. There are deeper beings as well, energy beings or guardians of the land, each specific to a certain place. Deeper still are energy beings of the soil, the plants and trees, of the mountains, lakes, rivers, marshes, ponds, deserts, rainforests, etc. Deeper too are the energy beings of the earth's surface, or the earth's deeper layers, of molten energy, of a water energy (both surface water and deeper water - the oceans and lakes also have many specialized versions of this unique to the waters). A bit deeper still you find us, the guardians of underground rivers and currents of energies (some even of air), of stone. And there are deeper beings yet, some who reside (though I do not mean that in the way humans would think of residing) at the core of the earth. Those beings are very powerful, very compact, very bright; their emanations can be felt right out to the surface of the planet and even beyond. In fact, many of those beings are responsible for bringing in communications from other planets and galaxies, including other dimensions.

"Second, we wish for all beings in this work to begin to attune to a common purpose. This is difficult for some humans who are very focused on agendas and schedules and rules of order. We do not mean it in this way. What we are speaking of is more like the notion of a tuning fork - our wish is for all beings to begin to feel within their inner beings the vibrations that serve to link and unite this planet so that we may all better work together.

"The earth has certain discordances at this point in space/time, in this reality. There are other dimensions on the earth who are working to fine-tune these vibrations. In a sense, they have already established the tone for the planet and are working to help others to 'hear' this sound of the earth. By this we mean a sound that humans have the ability to tune into. The very tuning into it begins to help change them, to attune them to another mode of being. And so in this sense, you see, everything in this world is about shapeshifting!"

I smiled with this observation and how the earth guardians had so wonderfully guided their conversation out to the depths of the earth and back again, to the very beginning of our discussion.

"I know what you mean," I said. "In essence, we are all shapeshifters, for we are all constantly changing. Our life is a shapeshift; our creations are shapeshifts. I was just thinking this morning how everything is thought, everything we do or make is seeded in thought, which is a kind of shapeshift."

"Yes," agreed the earth guardians. "There you go… and here you are! Here is the deeper sense of shapeshifting, the deeper essence of what we speak. When you think in this way, it is as if you are drinking from our river, for it is this type of fluid (we are primarily of the waters, so our metaphors tend to be watery in nature) connection that is at the essence of all creation, all evolution.

"We encourage all humans to continue deepening, connecting and experiencing the vibration of 'being' at more essential levels. Remember to listen to the tones; listen for the sound of the earth. That too, is you, all of you - all of us."

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

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