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Magik'ly Speaking…
with Elizabeth Abernathy

I had a great deal of trouble writing this column, and finally, it was an ongoing conversation I've been having with my second son, Logan, which gave me a place to start.

As the typical 18 year old, Logan felt he'd learned about all he was going to here at home, and jumped at the first opportunity to move out. He left in anger over something small and insignificant, and even though he sees that now, in reality he needed to prove to himself he could get along without his parents holding his hands. Now that he's comfortable with finding his way, and has people we can trust to help look out for him, he's on to philosophizing about life, and trying to ascertain his role in it.

Because my son is a very compassionate and caring soul, he's often been the person folks come to when they need to talk. Logan being himself tries to do everything he can to help, even going so far as to call home and ask our advice. In large part because he does try so hard to help others, Logan is increasingly surprised and disappointed to find not all members of our society are likewise inclined, and he's been calling home more and more to talk about how this newfound knowledge is affecting him.

This communication has become extremely cathartic for Logan, and he usually ends our conversations with how much he loves us, and how grateful he is to have our family to help him work through his thoughts. It was our last talk that gave me the idea communication is in its essence 'flow'. I noticed while we were chatting about how he was dealing with his feelings, he was moving his hands while he spoke as if he were handing me his emotions straight from his heart… I dimmed the lights so I could watch the energy of his movements, and it was like water, streaming, flowing through his fingers, and following the current of his movements toward me. I marveled at how open his heart Chakra was, even though he was speaking of the pain he was feeling at a friend's betrayal.

When he still lived at home, Logan had a very firm mind set. Although he is a very progressive and liberal guy, he hated to have to look over his past actions and judge them. Many years ago, when being called on a boyish prank, he pleadingly countered his Papa's accusation with "Don't make me feel guilty!" Even though we've always told the kids they can come talk to us at any time, about any subject, Logan was sure he was 'strange', 'different', 'dirty', or any number of other horrible things. It was moving out, and re-establishing communication with us which proved to him we are serious, and we do still love him totally.

This revelation is what started our son's evolution into not only adulthood, but thoughtful, responsible, amazing adulthood. The ability he's now gained of being able to openly evaluate his motivations has changed him absolutely. He's grown up so much in these last few months, and by his own observation, it's been because of this new determination to examine his motivations, thoughts, and feelings, and the capacity to talk about them… to let the words 'flow', thereby creating movement which opens up more room for incoming stimuli. As the Universe abhors a vacuum, this 'flowing' continues, increasing and decreasing with the interaction which passes the ethereal words on their invisible way. The lexis push out old thought patterns and dead ideas when they enter the heart and thoughts of the receiver, stirring up the cobwebs, and insisting on shaking things up. The more willing you are to hear… not just listen, but hear the power expressed by someone spilling themselves, the more you will benefit from their energy. This isn't to suggest you become everyone's Wailing Wall, or a psychic vampire, but rather you are willing or even eager to accompany him or her on the very sacred journey of self-discovery.

In turn, your own thoughts could enjoy a boost of newfound creativity, as you start to share in return. Even if the situation calls for giving advice instead of spilling your own soul, you can still create incredible movement within - by sharing life experiences which illustrate how you came to your current frame of mind.

As I said before, I had an awful time coming up with a way to open this column. While we were talking, Logan said, "Mom, sometimes if I just tell you what's in here (indicating his head and heart), it's like whatever's there, blocking my ability to think straight just… mooooves along, and out of the way. I think that's why I can listen to you now, and really get what you mean… cause there's room from me talking." It was this statement from my son which stirred inspiration in me - moved me past the thought I was stuck for ideas.

I went on this morning to encourage an artist friend of mine, who is grieving for the loss of a beloved pet. At the end of our talk, she'd come up with a fabulous new idea for an emotionally difficult memorial project we've been creating together. In turn, my friend went on to tell her sister about our project, and she was then inspired to contact friends of hers who were grieving their own loss to offer love and support in artful form. From one meaningful conversation with my son came inspiration to at least three people, in the form of cathartic evaluation, artistic release, and mental stimulation.

If you really stop and think about it… not much happens without 'flow'. Even concrete, as hard and unyielding as it seems, once started as a flow of elements, combined to create something specific. If careful thought and planning are included in the project, concrete can become nearly anything… buildings, bridges, furniture, artwork. All beginning their life together as a fluid mess of separate ingredients, they work with each other to create something entirely new; something which impacts untold numbers of people.

'Flow'. Inspire. Grow. Become. Give, and in turn, inspire others to 'flow'

Elizabeth Abernathy (aka Boo) currently lives in Oregon with her 2 husbands, 7 kids, and many critters. She's been a Hedgewitch for 28 years, and works with clients internationally providing Healing Work, Magickal Spellwork, Tarot, Runes and Numerology Readings. Please check out her website or contact her via email today.

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