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Meditate a Moment
with Aleesha Stephenson

As you take your first breath, feel a rush of blue light coming up into your feet from deep within the earth and tingling as it moves upward; passing your knees, your hips, up your spine and out the top of your head. Feel a sense of calm washing over you as you find yourself flowing within the rhythmic movement of your breath.

Draw the light back down through your crown from far away in the heavens; down your spine, your legs and out your feet, firmly grounding you to the stars and the earth.

Allow the black fog to lift and find yourself standing on a mound of grass, soft and cool to the touch. In the distance you hear the crashing of waves and it draws you near. Wanting to see the water you walk over the crest of the hill, finding yourself a short distance from the shore.

Allow yourself to walk into the water and notice, as you move forward, with each step you become liquid yourself. Move with the water now; feeling yourself mingling with the water, becoming one with the 'flow'. Feel as your new 'water-body' caresses the ocean floor, gently stirring up the sand and assisting fish with their movements. A child comes into the water and you can sense her thoughts and feelings just by touching her. Giggling, she throws you up into the air, and runs back to join her family.

You move on, deeper into the ocean, allowing yourself to be transported to the North. You sense the temperature dropping and see an iceberg ahead of you. Wanting to experience 'ice' you 'flow' forward and touch the side ever so gently. You feel yourself welcomed by this mass of knowledge, finding that great memories and truths are held within this crystal clear ice. You decide to go inside to find some answers.

Your soul is able to become one with the iceberg, remembering many lifetimes, thousands of years. Your mind expands to comprehend the 'flow' of time. You sit quietly within the berg, allowing yourself to appreciate this moment. As you can truly see, there are many, many moments in a lifetime but this one is always the most precious, so it must be cherished.

Slowly allow yourself to move out of the berg and feel the sun's heat calling you. Allow yourself to be drawn up as a mist into the sky, higher and higher, until you find yourself part of a beautiful cloud. 'Flowing' and light, no focus or direction, just … being.

You begin to feel, for the first time, a weight drawing you down. You realize you are a raindrop falling back to the earth and you find yourself gently landing on, and then sliding off, the little girl's hand as she calls to her mom, "It's starting to rain!"

Slowly find yourself regaining your human shape; first your feet, then your legs and hips, your back and shoulders, arms, neck, and finally your head comes back into form. Allow yourself to rest for a moment before coming back into this world, enjoying THIS moment. As you have seen, IT is the one which needs to be cherished, after all.

going with the 'flow',
Aleesha Stephenson

A special thank you to both Angel and Dave for their inspiration with this meditation.

Aleesha is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

She is also the Executive Director and Publicist for "Magi's Magick Spells".

An Eclectic Wiccan Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Faery Shaman, she home-schools two of her three spiritually enlightened children as her eldest has graduated and moved onto the school of life. Friend (and mother) to them all, she is also a life-partner to her husband David. Her life truly is filled with light.

You can contact Aleesha via email.

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