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Poetic License
Featuring: Marriah Secrist


Swift from the wise comes the tale that tells

Of the stream that sparkles and shines,

And gives our life rhythm.

A single drop falls from the blue, and beats away from solid rock:

Silence is but from small and still.

Let the water flow,

For the old and weary are waiting for a new beauty.

A stream flows swift and hard, and carries mother's damp love over top to the downs.

The free new, withered and old take in, for the utter beauty and fresh will mingle in old,

And will diminish.

Plead, let the water flow,

For the old and weary are waiting;

For a new life.

Marriah Secrist (c) 2003

Marriah is the eldest daughter in a large, loving family. She is 14, an honour student, an award-winning storyteller, awarded - best vocalist in her middle school, and poetess. She is currently interested in making movies which represent specific political views, in a way that entertains as well as enlightens.

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