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Pandora's Tarot
By Emile Scheherzade, Stella Bon Voyage

When Jeanette from the Tarot Garden told me this was one of her favorite decks, I just had to take a look at it for myself!

She was right. It's a very beautiful, sleek deck. The 'people' within the cards are beautifully sketched and their eyes and faces reveal great depth!

I was very surprised however at how communicative the deck was because the minor arcana are not artistically embellished, rather they are simple with clean lines. 4 of cups is 4 chalices. 7 of pentacles is 7 beautiful coins. No 'story' on the cards, nothing to really read visually, but because of my knowledge of the Tarot, I found them simple to interpret and even found the simplicity of them had depth as well.

I don't know if I'm explaining this very well or if you just need to experience it.

You would think a card with 4 chalices on it would be boring, but somehow this isn't the case with this deck. I don't like decks which don't have alot of artistry on the minors, but this one is definitely a unique experience… cause I do like it!

If you decide to purchase this deck for the purpose of using it for divination, I suggest you have knowledge of the Tarot - without a good foundation and understanding of the minors, you simply won't be able to use this deck. And to top it all off… the book is in Chinese!

But if you want to own a beautifully created deck for the purpose of collecting decks, I suggest you definitely add this one to your collection. I'm really happy I did!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

If you wish to purchase this (or another) deck, please visit the Tarot Garden. They have many decks from which to choose. If they are not currently stocking a specific deck, please note special orders are welcome at: sales@tarotgarden.com.

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