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The Nahualli Oracle
By Caelum Rainieri and Ivory Andersen
Illustrated by, Raphael Montoliu

ISBN#: 159143017-8

On the fourth day of every Aztec infant's life, she or he was given a nahualli, an animal double of the infant's soul, or what we might call today, a 'spirit guide'. This began a personal relationship with this animal, which would last their entire life.

This oracle incorporates Aztec numerology, religious symbolism and mythology. It was designed to help you discover your own nahualli and with the wisdom of the animals, assist you in your spiritual growth.

The 40 card deck is divided into 31 nahualli animals and 9 lords of the night deities, each which represent an essential aspect of human life. The night lord deities represent broad forces which may be at work in our lives.

The colours used are predominantly terra cotta and turquoise but also contain the bright and vibrant colours that are as well loved today in Mexico as they would have been in the time when the Aztecs reigned. The artist's interpretation of traditional Aztec nahualli and deities, are very decorative and at times whimsical.

As I shuffled the cards for the first time, a lighthearted and joyful feeling suddenly came over me. This surprised me, as I was familiar with the Aztec's close relationship with war, and their use of human sacrifice. Indeed this is not a 'warm fuzzy' deck. Life is not always easy or wonderful, and this deck does not shy away from that fact. It can be honest and blunt and pulls no punches, but sometimes that is exactly what we need.

The full size 192 page, accompanying book contains large black and white illustrations of each card; along with each card being clearly numbered, this is one of the easiest to look up decks I've ever worked with. The book also contains a history and mythology of the Aztecs and several card spreads which I found to be highly useful.

The packaging used to store the books is one of my favorites. The cards fit into a box and the book lies over them; this makes the cards very easy to remove and put away. Both slide into a sturdy cardboard slipcover.

I found the The Nahualli Animal Oracle, to be very accurate and am grateful for the clarity it has brought me.

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

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