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The Book of African Divination
Interpreting the Forces of Destiny with Techniques from the Venda, Zulu, and Yoruba Book and Card set

By Raymond Buckland and Kathleen Binger
ISBN#: 0-89281-364-4

This is the book I have long been searching for! It contains hard-to-find divination methods for reading shells, bones and more, utilizing techniques from the Vendu, Zulu, and Yoruba traditions.

Rather than starting with the simple Vendu Tablets, I went right to putting together my own 'Zulu Bones Divination Set', using chicken bones, nutshells, cowrie shells and more. Because I've always felt there was something very special about using tools directly from nature for divination, I've long wanted to 'read the bones'. I was thrilled with how accurate the readings were, and can't wait to make a Yaruba Divination Board next!

Also included with the 144 page, full-size book, is an 80 card, Tikar Spider Card deck. Originally, Ngam cards were marked plum leaves, which were traditionally read after having been moved by a large West African earth spider, or for less important readings, after having been flicked onto a fur by the diviner. 80 of the cards, most relevant to western contemporary culture, have been re-created on this striking, black and white card set. A plum leaf shape is drawn on the top of the cards, and contains the traditional markings. Each card has a key word or phrase and is also illustrated. The cards are numbered, which makes them easy to look up in the book. Every symbol has a positive card and a negative card; for example, card 1, is called 'incomplete' and card 2 is called 'complete'.

Along with information about some of the divination practices of the African continent, the book also contains historic and anthropological information about several of the continent's cultures. The back of the book has helpful examples of different kinds of readings.

The authors acknowledge the complexity involved in some of the traditional divination methods, but still were able to provide us with enough solid fundamentals to build from, and in a very easy-to-follow format. I found the Book of African Divination to be fascinating, and I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

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