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The Yin and Yang of Puppy Love
by Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

Puppies are amazing creatures. When they play, they play with every ounce of their little beings, when they sleep they are "down-for-the-count." They can chew their way through your favourite shoes and your daughter's best bear - but we love them anyway. We look at our beloved little pooch's antics and say to ourselves, "It's just being a puppy."

Young animals are supposed to be full of life, tearing through the house, and dashing around the back yard. Their bones, muscles, and neurological connections are growing by the minute. They also need lots of sleep and nourishing, real food. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all the high energy and the impetus behind the exponential growth of a puppy are considered Yang. While the rest and provision of the nutrients and essence used to make the growth possible is considered Yin.

Puppies are constantly bouncing between being very Yang and very Yin. The essential concept underlying Chinese Medicine is one of health based on a dynamic balance between Yin and Yang. Given this principle of TCM, how could a puppy be healthy if he is bounding from one extreme to another - from being very Yang to very Yin? The reason is, puppies are supposed to be out of balance at different times because they are in such a high growth period of their lives. There are times they just have to be intensely Yang. Then, they must also balance it with Yin to an extreme. Their little growing bodies have their own form of balance, and that's the way it needs to be.

There is an acupressure session you can have with your puppy, which will not interfere with his own body's timetable to grow nerve connections in his brain or bone in his legs. In fact, it can support and enhance whatever is going on in his body at the moment. We call this session "Puppy Pinches".

During an evening when your pup has given his all and is ready to be calm, give this bodywork a try. Acupressure has a way of creating a very special bond between you and your puppy; it could be called, "Puppy Love."

Puppy Pinches

Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis are the authors of: "The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide To Canine Acupressure", "Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure", and "Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual". Tallgrass offers Meridian Charts for dogs, cats and horses, plus "Introducing Equine Acupressure", a training video. They provide training courses and a certificate program worldwide. For further information: www.animalacupressure.com 1-888-841-7211 acupressure4all@earthlink.net

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