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One More Wave
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

In early April, people of many faiths flocked to St Peter's Square in Vatican City to pray either for Pope John Paul II's peaceful death or miraculous cure. "One more wave," the commentator stated, "from the Pope at his residence's window, was what the crowd most wanted."

Isn't that all any of us want when a loved one has passed away or is in the process of passing over to the Other Shore? Many questions dominate the consciousness of a person who walks the path of bereavement. We wonder - Why? Why this person, and why now? And, when will this anguish from grief end?

Instead of being grateful for what time we had with our loved one, we bemoan a perceived lack. We wanted just one more smile, one more hug, one more kiss. And, the list goes on. Unfortunately, what we, in fact, did receive was never quite enough, according to our so-called book of life.

Think about that, though. When is it ever enough? And, who are we to determine such a parameter? And, why is it so well ingrained for us to think negatively rather than positively? It might be far more healing to nurture the memories and express gratitude for the precious time we were allowed to be a participant in our loved one's earthly life.

Some healing steps:

  1. Acknowledge and accept that you haven't now nor ever have had control over your loved one's life. Each one of us brings to the spiritual table, our individual soul stories, in hopes of furthering our journey toward Divine Love.
  2. Recognize we are so much more than the body; this body that we love so much. The body only serves as means of surviving on this earthly plane, as a space traveler to another planet would don a space suit. Learn to see beyond this, to a being of extraordinary loving and ethereal dimensions.
  3. Love is really all there is, so learn to release the regrets, the resentments, the anger over your loved one's passing away. Instead, celebrate, with a heart full of joy and love, their passing over to the Other Side, realizing you are still together, yet in a different way - spiritual now rather than physical. That you will always and forevermore, be as One.
  4. Know that the God-Spirit merged now with the spirit of your loved one continues to live on in your heart, mind, and soul. Love is an energy. So love, indeed, remains the only permanent factor in Eternal Life.

And that, my friend, can never change.

Having Multiple Sclerosis for years, plus the untimely death of her youngest son a few years ago, forced Cheryl to re-invent her thought processes. As a metaphysical minister, Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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