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Revelations Tarot
Zach Wong
ISBN #: 0-7387-0607-8

What makes this deck unique is its use of reversed images.
What makes this deck special, is the artist's imaginative and highly stylized illustrations.

Zach Wong expresses a beautiful, sense of design and pattern, merging eastern and western design. He combines upright and reversed illustrations in a sometimes mirror-like, sometimes almost kaleidoscope-like way.

With a sophisticated use of colour, the rich blue-greens, purples, russets and golds seem illuminated, like stained glass windows.

Some of the cards are stunning! The moon card alone sold me on the deck. But this is not strictly a beautiful deck. While skilfully illustrated, the masks on the majors, and the metallic-looking people on the Pentacle suit, disturbed me. I found them to be reminiscent of comic book illustrations.

This is a standard, 78-card tarot deck. While based on the Rider Waite Smith tarot (Strength is numbered VIII, Justice XI), here we find images more expressive of the card's meaning, rather than the meaning relying upon the symbols. These cards are expressive, energetic, and have moods.

In the Wheel of Fortune, for example, we find a masked figure standing proud and holding an ankh and dagger. He clearly is allowing and accepting the turning of the wheel. Reverse the card, and another figure is grasping the wheel. You can almost feel him trying to force it to his will.

Wong has expressed the Major Arcana as the Fool's journey, with each image a lesson to be learned. The archetypal qualities of the characters in the Major Arcana are portrayed by each character wearing a mask. The backgrounds are highly illustrated. I particularly like the use of thick and thin lines.

The Minor Arcana are described in the book as "lesser versions of the lessons learned from the major arcana." The figures here do not wear masks, and I find the courts to be very expressive. The Minor Arcana tend to be more loosely drawn, with flowing backgrounds.

The meanings of the courts are based upon suit and number. The wands use characters like magicians and sages, to "&#133embody the use of magic in daily life." <p>The swords are illustrated with warriors "&#133highly ornate and decorated, firm, and serious." Merpeople illustrate the cups. "They embody freedom of movement and freedom from the restraint of life on land. They also embody the fantastical luxury of living life for the pleasures it presents." The Pentacles depict "metallic humanoids that are one with their element". <p>The back of the deck is, of course, fully reversible. It is a simple design of swirling purples. <p>This deck set includes a 216 page companion book with easy to look up card-by-card interpretations. It does not go into much depth about how to read, containing just the basics. Instructions for three spreads are given: Past, Present, Future, a Horoscope Spread, and a 7 Day Spread. The Horoscope and 7 Day spreads are also included on 2 additional cards in the deck. <p>The set comes in a box that is a major improvement in Llewellyn's packaging. The entire front opens, rather than the top or end. It still contains the one-size-doesn't-really-fit-anything white tarot box, but I am pleased to see they have included a black, organdy, tarot bag, to store the deck in. <p>The Revelations Tarot is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to learn to read reversals. Those who would read reversals, but don't because they find looking at upside down pictures unsettling, will love this deck! Beginners and experienced readers alike should find something to love about the Revelations Tarot. <p>Reviewed by,<br> Toria Betson <br><br> <a href="http://www.tarotgarden.com/database/dbsearchengine.php?view_title=revelations+tarot?rs=936" target="blank"> <img src="images/2-5/rev.gif" align="center" width="489" height="180" border="0"></a><br><br> <P><a href="http://www.tarotgarden.com/database/dbsearchengine.php?view_title=revelations+tarot?rs=936" target="blank"><img src="images/tgbutton.gif" alt="TAROT GARDEN" align="right" width="144" height="144" border="3"></a><br> If you wish to purchase this (or another) deck, please visit the <a href="http://www.tarotgarden.com/database/dbsearchengine.php?view_title=revelations+tarot?rs=936" target="blank">Tarot Garden</a>. They have many decks from which to choose. If they are not currently stocking a specific deck, please note special orders are welcome at: <a href="mailto:sales@tarotgarden.com">sales@tarotgarden.com.</a> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p align="center"><img src="images/bar1.jpg" width="360" height="8" border="0"> <!-- End Matters --> <p align="center"><FONT SIZE=-1>Copyright (c) 2005 by Timeless Spirit Magazine. All articles are the copyright of the particular writers and cannot be reprinted without their expressed permission. All rights reserved. International copyright laws prohibit reproduction of or distribution of this page by any means whatsoever, electronic or otherwise, without first obtaining the written permission of the copyright holder. We retain legal counsel to protect our copyrights. <p align="center">Any advice given is for informational purposes only.</FONT><br><br> <a href="http://www.tarotgarden.com/database/dbsearchengine.php?rs=936" target="blank"><img src="images/tglink.jpg" alt="TAROT GARDEN" align="left" width="265" height="79" border="3"></a> <a href="review2.shtml"><img src="images/nextpage.jpg" ALT="NEXT PAGE" align="right" width="94" height="86" border="3"></a> <p align="center"><img src="images/clear.gif" width="500" height="1" border="0"><br> </body> </html>