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What The Bleep Do We Know!?

When I first popped this DVD in and began watching - I was bored. All the talk about quantum physics was rather dry and I wondered how I would sit through approximately one hundred minutes of this! It's not that the concepts were beyond me, as I believe in 'creating my own reality' and completely support the idea that God is within us all… so why was it so hard to get into this movie?

I knew Dr. Emoto's work about water molecules changing their shape depending on the thought or word spoken to them was part of this documentary (which is what sparked my interest to review it)… but all this technical talk was making it hard to focus. I kinda felt like an elementary student in a university.

But, by the end of this documentary - I had a mental list of the people I wanted to share it with. I think people who perhaps have a difficult time understanding spirituality… whether it's Christianity or New Age… those who find this whole "movement" towards creating our own realities overwhelming… this is the audience "What the Bleep Do We Know?" is directed towards… but honestly, we'll all get something out of this.

We all have outmoded, negative thought patterns… (Yes, even you!). We all have negative self-talk, doubts and dreams. This DVD will assist you to unlock the door to a new way of living and thinking.

So if you have friends who just don't get what it is you believe… who roll their eyes when you discuss how damaging their little comments are - like "oh my thighs are soooo fat" "I'm getting old" etc etc etc… Get your hands on a copy of this DVD and watch it with them. Not only will it make them smarter (after all quantum physics is a HUGE part of this DVD) but also it'll make their realities more wonderful and happier just for watching it. You can't view something this powerful and not have it change you!!!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

Editor's Note: Even though this movie seemed to me to be promotional material for the Ramtha School of Enlightenment… after contacting Pavel Mikoloski ("Captured Light Distribution" and "Lord of the Wind Films") he sent me this information:

"The DVD was not created by Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, JZK, Inc. or by JZ Knight, Ramtha's Channel. It was created by a team of three filmmakers, two who were students of RSE when the project began and one who became a student of RSE later. There was no funding by RSE, as is sometimes reported. Of the speakers in the film, only two of them are students of RSE. The remaining 11 speakers are not affiliated with RSE in any way. The Filmmakers do, however, credit the inspiration of the film to Ramtha." Pavel Mikoloski.

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