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Wiccan Voices
A New Take on Love Spells

with Anne Ellis

When the words "witch" and "love" are spoken in the same sentence, the refrain from "Love Potion Number 9" always pops into my head. Do a Google search and there are 1,600,000 hits for love spells. All kinds of love too: lust, sex, romance and straight up love.

Surveys of my Witchy friends showed most believe love spells go against the Rede - Harm none - because love spells alter the free will of a person and bind them. Most said they would never and have never cast one for those reasons.

And yet, websites and books abound with herbal potions, candle magic's and little sachets to hide between the sheets, to bring, make, and keep love.

Are we really bending someone's free will when we cast a love spell? Is a person's free will so weak that the right spell can turn them into a love slave? It's doubtful. Our free will is a strong force and not easily swayed in other areas so why would love be any different? If someone is truly not attracted to the caster of the spell, then a little hocus-pocus is unlikely to change that.

So what is the purpose of all these love spells? How can they help us?

We all know what it feels like to be sick with love, or lust; to be so attracted to a person we feel our emotions physically as nausea, faintness and weak knees. And, we all know how it feels to not have that love reciprocated. The greatest tragedies are often about unrequited love, and we understand the agony deep in our soul.

Suppose we know our love is the unrequited variety, then if we choose to see a love spell as a healing spell, then love spells take on a whole new look.

The caster of the love spell, rather than sending and binding a lover to them, sends the emotion and angst to the Goddess for release. This can fulfill the desire, release emotion and help them to feel they are taking action by dealing with their feelings.

Spells are methods of channelling energy and manifesting change. Creating a spell, which relieves pent-up energy, frees one to pursue love in a more balanced state of mind.

Next, think about Miss Lonely Hearts, who is shy, quiet and afraid of love. If she casts a love spell to seek love, doing so channels her energy in a positive way. She may end up feeling more confident.

Perhaps she even casts the spell towards a specific person. Will that person drop to his knees and propose the next time they meet? Unlikely… so let's leave that scenario to the movies. However, Miss Lonely Hearts knows she's taken an active role in her life and her self-esteem is improved. She may even find herself smiling the next time Mr. Hunky Dude walks down the road. Sometimes a smile is all it takes.

Once we have found love, then love spells can be useful in keeping our love alive. Slip a little sachet between the sheets to boost romance, or lust. Cast a spell with your partner, make it romantic, or sexy, and heighten both your passions.

So please remember, love spells don't need to be looked upon as silly, or as binding someone's free will. The energy of the Goddess and the God reside within and casting a love spell channels our energy outward in a positive way. By changing our mind-set subconsciously, love spells become beneficial and healing.

But, I've still got that song stuck in my head.

"I took my troubles down to Madame Rue. You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth. She's got a pad down on 34th and Vine, Selling little bottles of Love Potion #9… "

An accomplished RuneCaster, Spiritualist/Medium, Consultant Herbalist, freelance writer, and 10-year practising Eclectic Witch, Reverend Anne Fairmoon Ellis is also a certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and as an ordained First Degree Priestess/Mentor in the Correllian Tradition, is also the Shrinekeeper for The Raven's Moon Shrine in North Vancouver, B.C.

Her current delightful priority is working as a Domestic Engineer for a vivacious two-year-old. You are also invited to visit Anne's website.

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