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Is THE Key To Heaven In Your Pocket?
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett


Many people claim, too often with self-righteousness, they alone own that special key which magically unlocks the Heavenly Home gate upon their return there. Powerful, almost hypnotic voices from the pulpit proclaim their way is the only way to obtaining the all-precious key. Yet, how can that be? The God-Spirit doesn't recognize only one religion as the singular Divine Truth. No more plainly can this be seen than in the hubbub over the DaVinci Code book and movie. Undeniably, there is only One Source, One Higher Power, One God; just as true there are numerous channels in which to make contact with the Spiritual Source. None is exclusive; all are inclusive just as the God-Spirit Itself is.            

So, how can you assure your passage through the Heavenly gate? What do you have to do, or not do? Be, or not be? That is the question. At some point in each person's life, this self-examination becomes a priority. Whether you're sitting on Death Row, feeling guilty over an extramarital affair, devastated by the death of a loved one, or questioning your behavior in the sales game, you arrive there eventually, re-evaluating your life and its meaning.              

The answer is Love; the Word is Love. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do you rip people off, proffering a defective product? Do you lie through your teeth, hoping the truth never surfaces? Do you curse someone you feel has impacted your life negatively? Do you spend your valuable time seeking a way to revenge a despicable act done unto you? I beg you to remember that beyond Love lies forgiveness; forgiving self and others. That good old Golden Rule again.            

Though a favourite pastime of many people is feeling superior and making judgments about everyone and everything, it is really not our place to judge, but to simply accept. Accept that life is unfolding perfectly for all of us. Whether it's Alice Hoaglin, mother of one of United 93's passengers on that fateful flight over Pennsylvania on 9/11 speaking for the defense in the Moussaoui trial, or the parents of a murdered young child donating their dead child's organs, acceptance of life's flow, no matter how painful, is what brings a peaceful and loving heart. No relentless retention of anger or revenge. Just acceptance of life's flow, and a moving on. Because like it or not, darn it, life does go on.            

Your key to heaven is quite simple, especially if your have opened your mind and heart to the Unconditional Love of the God-Spirit which you then extend to others. It's found in compassion, a helping hand you offer to self and others. Look for the key in a demonstration of tolerance for those who are different, in some way. Yes, your key to Heaven is found in treating yourself and others with respect, love, and kindness. How close might you be to being eligible for that all-important key to the Heavenly Portal?

Having Multiple Sclerosis for years, plus the untimely death of her youngest son a few years ago, forced Cheryl to re-invent her thought processes. As a metaphysical minister, Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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