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Volume 3 Issue 5 ISSN# 1708-3265
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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

I really love the syncronicity of our themes, the articles submitted and my own life. I don't think Dawn has written an article yet, which didn't strongly resonate with my life at the time!

My personal "Key to Heaven" is in my deep spiritual beliefs. When we send out love, especially during times of emotional pain or adversity… we retain our serenity. It is, after all, during the hard times when we need to "walk our talk" - and it's also during those times, when we are angry or hurt, we need to remember to shine love to those around us. Living by the rede "an it harm none, do as ye will" is very important for me and it gives me such a strong foundation to live by. If a situation is harming another and I have the ability to stop their pain, I do. Simple. Of course, I always prefer to be living in a space where everything I do and say assists others, but that isn't reality. In reality sometimes we harm others without even realizing it. Ah… we are human after all!

Everyone has their own personal key… as a parent I know supporting my kids to find theirs is important to me. After all, just because I have a key, doesn't make it the right key for them. It's important to always allow our children the space and support to find their own key. And after living it for awhile, if they find it doesn't fit after all, well then they can always find another key and try it out… the more keys they try, the better chance they have of eventually finding the one which shines brightly in their soul. Recently I saw this short film and found it very enlightening… every child is unique, as parents we need to find their strengths and assist them to soar! (or run, climb, or swim!) Click here to watch the short film. Caution for our dial-up internet readers: Slow loading time on this movie.

Our new feedback link on every article and column is being used by many of you and I would like to take a moment to thank you all for taking the time to share your light with the staff and writers of T.S.M. So… to all the readers who have contacted us with loving support, sharing how this magazine has touched your hearts… I thank you all, each and every one of you, for your positive feedback.

I would like to welcome Amanda Bugeaud to our staff. She's joining a really great group of women… without whom I would not be able to publish this magazine at the quality we do… I thank all of my staff for their time and energy, each and every issue!

As you can see by the size of this issue, my back is feeling much better now, so pull up a seat, get a nice yummy beverage and enjoy reading the articles within this issue. I hope they assist you to identify your own personal key.


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