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Animals Are the Key to Heaven
by Jean Hofve, DVM

Is heaven really a place where winged angels play harps while surrounded by fluffy white clouds?

No, of course not. Heaven is what we make it, where we make it; right here in our earthly lives.

And what is more important in heaven and earth than Love? Of course, the answer is "nothing", for Love is all there is. Love is the founding and supporting energy and essence of the universe and beyond. But sometimes we get fooled by the illusion, the "reality" we see around us with our senses (that isn't reality at all!). So sometimes we need a little reminder to bring us back to Ourselves.

Animals do this for us.

Animals bring us back to heaven in an instant. When you laugh at the antics of a kitten, you are touching heaven. When you ride a horse, and you become one with a Pegasus flying across a meadow, you are touching heaven. When a dog gently lays her head on your knee, you are touching heaven. The unconditional love which flows from our animal friends into our hearts is heaven indeed. Our animal companions lead by example, and show us that unconditional love is our natural state of being.

But even wild animals serve to remind us of heaven. A flock of birds circling in unison, a lovely butterfly, a red fox darting into the underbrush, a graceful deer and her fawn; who doesn't see a little piece of heaven in each of these beings?

Animals also remind us about the heaven within. They show us how to take time out from our busy-ness. Cats, for instance, are said to sleep 15-18 hours a day. Dogs also snooze throughout the day and night. But this isn't all true sleep. Much of the time, they are in a state of relaxed alertness; a state we might call "meditation."

Since animals don't spend their time in meetings and checking email, and their minds aren't filled with endless chatter, they are more able to stay connected to Source. We can learn an important lesson from the animals about living more purely and simply, and allowing/creating enough down-time to keep ourselves healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Finally, animals can teach us about the last transition to the heaven of the afterlife. Animals are far less attached to their bodies than we humans. They are usually quite content to leave a body which is no longer functioning or is causing discomfort or pain. Animals understand that death is simply a gateway to a different form of life, and not the "end" of life at all. When their time of transition comes, they release gracefully. Whether they need our assistance, or they go on their own, death is a peaceful acceptance and joyous passage for them, as it can be for us. And of course, heaven is a happy reunion with all our animal friends who have gone before!

Dr. Jean Hofve has been a holistic veterinarian for more than 12 years. She founded SpiritEssence in 1995, which remains the only line of essence formulas for animals created by a veterinarian. Dr. Hofve does health, nutrition, and behavior consultations through www.littlebigcat.com.

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